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I was assisted by Herb Allen store manager, 1st he had the wrong battery and was trying to put it in, it was a size to big, then he went and got the correct battery and put it in, in the process of changing my battery he put the negative on the positive and the positive on the negative. My car’s alarm started, smoke was coming from inside my car and I asked him to stop.

Then he realized that he connected the battery wrong. When reconnecting the batter the correct way the negative on the negative and the positive on the positive the car did not start. I was stranded at the location. I called the police and made a police report.

Herb Allen called the claim department and assured me that he will cover my expenses: $2,000.00 the company will only cover $1,000.00 I have to take them to court. Incompetent managers and business

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Incompatent.

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Agreed. This is what happens when they hire "Managers" that have better *** customer service and *** kissing skills rather than mechanical knowledge. I used to work at Advance and all the managers above me only worrid about the bottom line and how good the store looked whenever the top tier management came in.


If you weren't lazy and learned how to change your own *** battery you wouldn't have had that issues. People are idiots..

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