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On 8/2/2019 I visited advance in Lakeland Florida to have them do a battery replacement for me. The initial experience seemed fine but then a few days ago my car died when I went out in the morning.

I took it to Midas and they did a full diagnostic. It was a bad battery. I have the receipts from advance's initial battery drop and the Midas correction.

I paid 151.40 for battery at advance then 160.00 at Midas for battery and diagnostics. I feel I should be refunded the 151.40 from advance for the instillation of the dud battery.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You bought a battery from Advance Auto and when it failed to start your car you took it to Midas and now want Advance to pay for a replacement? It doesn't work like that, mate.

When you had the problem you should have had the battery jump-started and drove to Advance for them to check it as it was their battery. There is always a warranty with batteries and they could have determined what recompense you were entitled to. The fact that Midas said the battery was a "dud" means nothing. It may or may not be.

The battery could have been drained by something like a light being on overnight, etc. Who knows, but it is up to Advance to advise you, not Midas.

After all, Midas sold you a new battery, which was in their interest to do so. You got things backward on this one.