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I purchased a gold battery on 6/14/2010 and have had it replaced free under warranty once since then. On 6/17/13 it started acting up again.

So I took it in on 6/21/13 for them to check it and again battery is the issue. Not only that the prorated under under a 5 year warranty because the original purchase was 1 week over the 3 year replacement warranty so I had to pay 70 for the replacement. When I called customer service they state they were no help.

I think this product is terrible and the company will not stand behind product. Very dissatisfied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $70.

  • Roxygreenville
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I had the same issue and will never purchase anything else from them.


Did the store test your cars ele system (which they do for free) to make sure the battery was the problem or just test the battery and see it was dead? Would like to know how soon after this issue you had to replace your starter, alternator or battery cables?


Not sure what you mean by not standing behind their product. The battery was replaced for free once and then a second time at a discount.

Isn't that what the warranty states?

I will agree, however, that you shouldn't need to go through three batteries for your vehicle. But that is also suspect to charging system issues or the battery being completely discharged one too many times.


When you purchased the battery, you agreed on a price and warranty. It doesn't matter if it was 1 or 1000 days out of warranty. Be glad you had pro rate on it since most retailers don't even offer a pro rated warranty past the initial free replacement.


please note you have a NEW 36 month FREEE replacement warranty that started 6/21, plus 24 months of pro-rate after that, so you got a $100+ battery for $70 - what are you complaining about???


you were past your free replacement what do you expect GROW UP

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