Harriman, Tennessee

Between 12:30 and 1:00 P M today ( 6/6/14 ) I was in the Harriman , Tn. 37748 store getting some oil when I noticed a young red headed girl ( Advance employee ) behind the counter eating on a hamburger as she was looking up parts on the computer for a man.

What kind of service do you call this ? Believe I will find another store to shop at. Does management allow things like this to happen ?

What else goes on in this store that customers have seen during this visit. Maybe they should furnish food for their customers also.

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Ever stop to think that they might've been short handed? That she was working a 8+ hour shift straight with no breaks, no way of being able to take a lunch, and that she probably had a loved one bring her that hamburger?

I don't work for advance, nor do I work in retail, but I used to.

And SOB *** customers like yourself are what's wrong with the entire industry. Kindly go blow a donkey and rot in ***, you inconsiderate ***.


Maybe she has a medical condition where she has to eat at certain times.For all you know she could have low blood sugar or diabetes.So it offends you if she eats would you like it better if she dropped dead or went into a coma just to make you happy?Really there are more worse things in life than someone eating something and you are not the president so get over yourself.


I've been munching on food when customers come in but focusing on what they need should be more important. There is counters in the back of nearly every store.

If it's one of my regulators who will come in and grab a kit Kat while I'm looking up his parts, best believe I'll grab my food and eat when there's a chance. A certain amount of professionalism should be kept at all times.


Yep. I've done that while on the clock.

We don't get lunch breaks unless 3 or more people are in the store. Sure eating at he counter is a no no, but if she was the only one with managers numbers , maybe she couldnt leave for her lunch break.

Don't assume. It makes you an ***, and me a pissed employee


Maybe she was working through her lunch break because someone else called off?

I'm sure if she was in the break room, you'd be here bítching and moaning about how long it took to get your parts.

It's a freakin' autoparts store...not Church. Next time, send someone with a valid 'man card' to get your oil.

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