Harvard, Illinois
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Ordered a battery online. Went to the Harvard IL store to pick it up.

They completed the transaction without realizing I had the old one (core) with me. I asked them to refund my prepaid $20 core charge. I was told by the manager (Jose) that I would have to wait 30 minutes for their system to update before I could get my $20. I could hardly believe that he was telling me I would have to come back later to get my $20!

This is the second issue I've had with this store, I will never shop at Advance Auto Parts again! Not to mention most of their staff don't know anything about cars, yet they feel they can offer advice.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: No solution needed, I will never shop at Advance again!.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Discusted.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Poorly trained associates.

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Why wouldnt you tell then you had your core while doing the transaction? If there's not a giant *** battery on the counter, how could they know?

Is 20 mins detrimental to get $20 loaded back onto a credit card that you'll likely have to wait 24 hrs to access anyways because of the average bank hold? Did you leave a really *** review on your bank?

Bad customer service or bad customer? Hmm..


You're an ***. The people in the store have no control over what you're complaining about.


online order returns are not instantaneous. not like with a regular in store receipt.

just like any other online retailer you do have to wait for the system to update. not only on our end but through your financial institution as well.

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