1906 Aldine Mail Rte Rd, Houston, TX 77039, USA
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I go to this location (1906 Aldine Mail Rt.) because it is 3 minutes away from my house. I never complain but I'm tired of going to this place and getting treated completely rude by the same person (Olga, Olivia, whatever her name is, Hispanic looking, dark hair, glasses, missing bottom teeth) every time I go in.

I came in to purchase a product, I greeted her, smiled, and asked her a question but she gave me this dumb look and just stared at me. She gave me prices options but didn't give me any useful information to help me know which one was best for my vehicle. I returned the next day because my product she had given me was two different sizes. Again, she gave me a dumb stare, and snatched my products.

She double checked the computer to make sure it was correct. She was correct, however, I DID NOT KNOW it was supposed to be that way or obviously I wouldn't have gone back. She then proceeded to say "I'm always right" and laughed as her other coworkers began to say, "Yea SHE was right." I have never been treated so poorly.

I'm super friendly and never have any problems but I don't know why she always provides me with horrible customer service. Very unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I whole heartedly agree with the above poster


Well first off she is not a mechanic, second stupid is as stupid does. I don't think she is one with the problem. Stop going there, if you want advice go to a garage or a dealer and they will smile back as they charge you 10x the amount and offer advice.

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