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I purchased a new SILVER Battery in October 2014, Online, which came with a 2-yr warranty. Lately, every time I went to start my car the battery was dead.

I decided to take use the 2-YR Warranty to have them replace the battery. The General Manager tried to tell me that I had an Alternator problem, which was impossible because I had just had my car serviced by my mechanic. The man insisted that the battery was fine, but I persisted. It should be noted that with very little diagnostics, he was blowing me off.

He finally decided to do the replacement. We went back in the store, and lo and behold, I was not in their system, so the General Manager decided that I was never at his location because he could not locate me in his system. He kept asking me at what store did I get the battery, and I kept telling him it was at his location. He all but called me a liar!

I had to drive 10 miles back home to print the online receipt. Well, there I was in his system, without my phone number reflected as ALL ZEROS! There was NO APOLOGY for the disgraceful way in which I was treated! If I could rate them as a big fat ZERO I would!

Buyer beware! Steer clear from this operation, because you will be a very unsatisfied customer. They obviously do not want to take responsibility for their ineptness. They are the worst.

I will never purchase anything from them again! They are NOT customer-centric, and their service is below substandard.

I spent over $120 on that battery! They treat orders placed online as if they do not exist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $122.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Customer service, Lack of responsibility for their products, Part and customer service.

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It's a computer software problem. It's difficult to navigate and needs changed asap.

And just because your mechanic checked it out doesn't make it impoissible to be something else.

If the battery checked out good then it's good. I'm sure you've remedied the problem by now and found that it was in fact something else.


There is no way to look up online purchases from in store, even if the purchase was picked up in that store, flawed system? Maybe, but if there's no way to look it up in the system that doesn't make the employee idiots. People have forgotten the art of keeping receipts on items that have warranties.


It is a company problem to not be able to look up online orders, but the fact is that online orders are actually handled by a completely different company. Strange, I know.

But for us guys behind the counter, there truly isn't anything I can do for you without the order number.


I received a partial refund from Advance Auto Parts in the amount of $120, something I did not expect. I am still pretty angry, but at least, they did something right and decent for a change!

In my opinion, refunding me some money will not make up for the waste of my time, in that I missed the window to get the prescription for my pain killers filled.

It will never make up for the humiliation suffered, and does not solve the disconnect between online orders and store processes, but that is their problem.

I most certainly will not give them an opportunity to treat me shabbily ever again!

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