Creedmoor, North Carolina

I shop at advance auto store in creedmoor , north Carolina . ive been buying parts there since the store opened.

I must say its such a disappointment to see the way I seen a manager treat a young black male employee a few weeks ago, this isn't the first time ive seen this young man get verbally abused , I try to keep my words to myself, but sometimes things need to be said . for the last couple of weeks ive been in there numerous times to address the situation I observed with the general manager, but every time I go in there, there is never no G.M. I cant possibly believe I just keep missing him as some employees keep telling me. no im not missing him.

hes just simply NEVER there. which is once again another disappointment . I can and i will take my commercial account else where. very very unprofessional for one you never talk to any employee that way in front or not in front of customers and two no wonder this manager continues to talk to this young black man this way !!!!!!!

theres no G.M. ever there to control his store . get it together or you will loose more customers im sure if they seen what I had to experience .

thanks very very very much..... from a disappointed loyale customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

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Maybe he was hiding from YOU.


That sounds pretty sketchy. The gm is required to be there for a certain amount if time each week.

Leave a customer review on the advance store with the store number preferably and your experience including names of the employees if possible.

This gets emailed to the district leader and then the GM. Thank you for wanting to say something for someone who feels like they can't without getting fired.

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