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a product that would solve my problem. I got no cooperation, I was told they would have to order the part for tomorrow to see if it would work. they would not offer any technical information so I could decide if what they were going to order would work. I asked to talk to the Store manager; he happened to over hear the whole conversation, and agreed there was nothing that they could do. I even said so your throwing your hands in the air an telling me there nothing you can do to help me solve my problem, He said no. When I ask for the District company phone number he told me I would have to contact customer service. So here I am.

I drove south of your facility 5 miles to an implement dealer and explained my needs he called a NAPA store 15 miles north Of Phillips and explained my needs and they had on his shelf what I needed.

The only thing I can conclude is You do not want my money, therefore I will never conduct business with Advanced Auto parts again. Napa has my business. I have spent Hundreds of dollars of business with what used to be Car Quest and will never do business with you guys again. My name is Rodger A. Price My phone number is 715 428-2499, it would not surprise me if I never hear from you guys again.

I have never e-mailed an organization like yours before with this kind of complaint this will be the last. I will try to find your phone number and that will be the last time I try to contact you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Preferred solution: Contact me 717 428-2499.

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I agree with Fred, would you go to a grocery store and ask how to open a can of beans or cook a steak. Since you are buying the food they would assume you would know how to cook but then again I am a mechanic by trade and when I go to a parts store or order from them I do not ask for advice but thats just me.

It always amazes me when I read these posts how rude some people can become -I do have an account at advance along with autozone and federated, that people expect alot from clerks that are just trying to make a living in a low paying job to make ends meet or retirees just trying to supplement their income.

But I am old school, expect no freebies in life and have and was taught to be self sufficient. Have a good day


They are not mechanics, if you have a problem go to a garage instead of being cheap. You are upset over an honest answer so you complain to the corporate headquarters because you spend hundreds of dollars, yep you will be missed.

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