Winston Salem, North Carolina
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i was left there for at least 10 minutes waiting on someone to check my car and they never came but when a black male arrive they attended him right away. the name of the this employee feliciano. the reason why am making this complaint is because i buy parts for my two cars on many different auto parts stores. An out of all of them that store is the first one i have problem with.

if you need any proof look at the security cameras. around 5:30-6:30.

there's three of us my wife my son an me by the font door.

store info-759 Waughtown St Winston-Salem, NC 27107.

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Standing by te door? deffinately our bad on that one, we sould have known yu needed immediate help!

The only things we check are batteries and engine lights.

everything else is gratis. Get over it.


Ever stop and think that the phone actually rings inside of a parts store and that the employees can forget that you are outside waiting? Parts salesmen are not paid to look at every little thing on your car, they're there to SELL PARTS! Stop being cheap and go see a mechanic.

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