4535 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73122, USA
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They did have the Mobil 1 esc that i needed, for double the going price. $13.19 a quart is outragous, i will not be back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mobil Motor Oil.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Money is truly wasted on some.......


So you own a Mercedes and are complaining that the special Mobil 1 oil that can only go in you car to keep from voiding your vehicle warranty is priced higher than standard non vehicle specific motor oils?? Next time buy a cheaper non entitled *** vehicle.


Well, most autoparts stores sell oil all in the same price range unless its on special.

All the prices are posted on the shelves, since you don't like the pricing of the oil you could go elsewhere and get it cheaper, that is your option and its called free enterprise.

Since you drive a Mercedes perhaps you should go to Walmart to get your oil to save some money to make your payments!!

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