Belmont, North Carolina
Not resolved

Completely ridiculous.

I DROVE (under its own power) my car to Advance Auto Parts in Belmont, NC to have the battery and alternator checked.

Younger associate came out to check. While attempting to jump the car he crossed the jumper cables and fried the internal computer. I went thru the chain of command.. Store manager that said it was impossible because his associates had "training" on how to do it. Guess they are all perfect and walk on water as well.

Was then given an 800 number to call.. after the run around from the service rep, they called someone and 2 min later without seeing any dealership repair notes said they weren't responsible.

The district manager finally got involved. She (Leslie White)

requested the dealership invoices and repair notes. In no time at all she replied that "I have reviewed the invoice and the case notes on the vehicle. Due to the fact that the dealership states the ECM was damaged due to reverse jumpstart we are not liable for the damages."

She also questioned the qualifications of the dealership technicians. Apparently she thinks that since Advance will hire anyone regardless of their ability to do the job, half way train them and won't stand behind their products or services, that all other compaines do as well.

The dealership provided the qualifications of their technicians:

"is a Mitsubishi Certified Master Tech, the highest qualification you can achieve and top tier mechanic for Mitsubishi North America. He is more than qualified to make the determination that he made and we stand by his diagnosis and repair. This diagram means nothing, especially since the “ASE Certified tech” was never under the hood of your vehicle. The ECM was burned and that was a DIRECT RESULT of being jumped backwards."

I responded and asked why they weren't responsible since it was their associate that jump started the car and crossed the cables.

That was 2 weeks ago and she hasn't responded to email or returned any of the phone calls I made or from other complaints filed with the NC DOJ consumer protection department.

Looks like I'll be calling the local news station next which loves the opportunity to expose consumer affair issues.

After I'm finished smiling on camara in their parking lot, I'll have no choice but to take this to small claims court.

Reason of review: Advance Auto Parts' store associate caused expensive damage to my car and now upper management doesn't even have the decency to respond to my communication or to make the situation right. .

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Close to my house.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Customer service, Poorly trained associates, Failure to correct their mistakes, Poor communication, Disregard for the damage done by their associates.

  • Poorly Trained Associates
  • Poor Problem Resolution Plan
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you're a cheap *** and deserve it. who goes to an auto parts chain to diagnose problems?


That's new. What kind of *** electrical system is Mitsubishi putting out.

I've seen numerous people cross jumper cables and have never seen anything worse than blown fuses and a ruined battery and most times nothing more than a quick spark. Also, as the car owner requesting a Jumpstart from anyone, it is your responsibility first to ensure proper hookup. It's your freaking car. Don't you want to know more than a caveman with a computer.

Mm, insert stick and make go...

In order for it to fry your computer your fuses have to fail to blow, the fuse able link wires that automatically burn through at minor heat variances would have to impervious, and then after all that, it would finally make it to the computer.

There is no direct line. I've sent car grounded to the earth via jack stands get struck by lightning and the computer was the only part of the electrical system still good.

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