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Advance has never had a “lifetime Warranty “. It is a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”.

This means they will replace the part 1 time with a receipt. There is no “magic disappearing ink” on the receipts... it’s thermal paper, if it gets hot (ie. leaving it in your glovebox) the paper fades quickly.

Same receipts most retail stores give you. Keep a file in your house with the receipts in it, they will last forever. It’s not their job to keep your information. As for pricing, you should always do your homework before purchasing.

Not their fault you paid too much. Your complaints are invalid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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No people think it means they can get new parts on general wear items " break pads , spark plugs " . Alot of customers yell and scream till the counter person breaks down and warranties them .

Which is sad for the customer , or when customers think they are above store policy when it comes to returning non returnable items " electronic parts " and yell and scream about that .

Or they say we'll if you don't return it , I spend so much money here you will lose a customer . My question is does the same customer tell every other store they go to the same thing , when they are told no ?


Agreed 100 percent!!!!!! Good review!!!

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