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I went to advance for help on my car like always there number one never had a problem till now i just purcjased a ac condensor for a 04 jeep liberty part number 3175 if iam not mistaking limited life yime warranty 160$ i wanted to exchange for another one for reason it leaks the freeon throught panel i asked nicely to check if they had a part n they said that they would need to contact corp so iam thinking why is that if i havent replaced it ones and it still under warranty.

And as of the pictures sent was a package i just bought n asked if i could return and the manager of store #01824 said i could not return it open so how could he sell it to me open me not knowing it was opened till it was purshased.

Iv neever had problems like this whit advance so i really hope this issued gets solved for the reason summer is here n i really dislike having my kind with no air in the car and i would really hate having to pay another 160$ for a new ac condensor

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