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This is a do it yourself store. Why did you take things away from your system?

I am my own mechanic. I cant find a book at any of your locations. I cant find fuaes, and Im sure you removed others. If this is a do it yourself type of business, I may need info when I go in to make my purchase.

If you dont have it, I have to take my car to other people.

Like the dealership. Thats extra work for most of us.

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Wait.......... can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG!!! Buddy you have the one half of a brain cell to post a complaint yet not the other half to figure your own complaint out...... oh god...... it hurts.

The sheer IGNORANCE of the complaint alone makes me doubt the intellectual capacity of the poster. It’s so damn FUNNY!!!


The reason there are no longer books,wiring diagrams or fuse location diagrams in the stores is because of the internet. You are correct in the stores being DYI. All those are available to look up online, hence the term Do It Yourself.


I don't know of any parts starts that has a plethora of books in the aisles for customers to use. I figure its get the customer to the counter so that the correct part is picked and hence less chance of returns. This way its on the store and not the customer for a mistake.

Also for the few areas that I do see books, they are usually damaged because people don't treat them correctly, its not theirs so they don't care if they rip or tear out pages.

Home Depot and Lowes are DIY stores and I don't see any books there on how to use a hammer or whatnot!!!!

Last but no least I have no idea of what a fuaes is, maybe that is why you can't find it in the store.

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