15 Brick Blvd, Brick, NJ 08723
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Purchased a oil special that was going on and when I got home to do the work I realized the car takes a different type of oil. So I went to return the oil where the associate told me that’s what the computer says but if I feel better return it for the other type .

I did want to exchange it being everything on my motor states using the other type of oil . They had the 5 quart container container but not the individual ones which I had 2 of so I ask if she can look in the back which annoyed her then having to hear her comments how great her day is going to the other associate. Maybe few min go by I’m standing there waiting and I hear “I’ll take who’s next”. So she notices me walking up to her and you see the heavy sighs and I ask if she found them she answers yeah we do t have it.

I mean ok all well and good, but I wasn’t done being helped being the oil I wanted to exchange was sitting there on the counter in front of her. I was pushed aside not knowing what I did wrong, I’m still confused. Why should customers get treated this way. Every auto store has oil sales, its customer service that makes them stand out.

It’s horrible that store in brick, nj. What’s worse is this isn’t the first time hearing or ( this time) having such an experience with this store.

It’s only going to keep happening if something isn’t done about it. Sad and unreal

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Sales Representative.

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