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All of Advance Auto "Limited Lifetime" warranty parts does not cover normal wear and tear as stated on their web page.

So ANY problem you have, they say is normal wear and tear. Will NOT replace under ANY circumstance.

Autozone offers an actual Lifetime warranty (even items like brake pads are REALLY warranted for lifetime)

So if you are buying any part with a "limited lifetime warranty" do not expect them to back up any problems you may have.

Better to go somewhere that has an actual lifetime warranty that they will back up.

I will NOT be returning to Advance Auto any time soon!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I am currently having the exact same issue with them right now.


All Advance has to do is put "LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - DEFECTIVE ONLY" on the brake pads shoes web page but they choose not too.


What good is the LLT Warranty if the RECEIPT is completely faded unreadable after only ~5 years? By contrast another receipt from 2000 at Advance is perfect 18 years later.

Notice that Limited Lifetime Warranty is listed under the Wearever Silver Pads.

but not in the linked Warranty page or Returns page. Only under Help:


I personally have not had any return or replacement issues with Advanced...however, I have had to replace a few parts more frequently than I care to. I now get my parts from either NAPA (Lifetime warranty) or directly from Ford for my Explorer sport track.

I'd rather pay a little more and not have to keep replacing the same part every 6-8 months.

I have had to replace a starter twice and a brake caliper that went bad after one week. Both were advanced auto "CARQUEST" remanufactured parts.


I just found this out also when I asked if they had the pads in stock, I have the receipt and box and old pads and they told me they don't replace them any more unless they fell apart. What a joke. I told them that from now on I will be going to Auto Zone.


Same problems here. Brake rotors rusted really bad, worse than any others I've done in 30 years of fixing my car. Said it was normal wear and tear so NO warranty.


When your tires wear out, do you contact the manufacturer for a new free set?When your belts wear out?When your oil is due?When your air filter gets dirty, do you go back to the store and demand a new one for free?It is common sense, that when your pads wear out, you get a new set, not for free. Being that person that makes another person's work day *** because you are SO cheap, that you think your worn pads should be replaced for are who we all hate in the parts business, regardless of warranty.Pads wear out - this is not a defect in the pad or manufacturing if it just wears out.

That's normal. Just wear and tear.What is so hard to understand?Saying that Advance has to cover your pads AGAIN, because of warranty is just plain obnoxious and you're gonna get bad karma for it.

It's beyond cheap, and it's not the same thing as ball joints wearing out under warranty, or your drive belt snapping during it's warranty period.When your battery dies in year 2 of 3 - that's verifiable. To ask for a replacement at year 5, of used wore out, and that's how these things go.Limited Lifetime Warranty, isn't the same thing as Lifetime Warranty.Limited - means coverage under certain conditions, and for those that haven't read the fine print, it's manufacturing defects, NOT wear.


"Limited" Warranty means Advance never has to pay out. It is all marketing BS.Many dealers offer lifetime warranty on repairs so it is not that unusual in this business.


Zack, your logic is flawed. Tires, belts, oil, air filters, etc are not sold with a lifetime warranty.

Brake pads that state lifetime warranty are sold at a higher price than other non-lifetime warranty brake pads. People pay a higher price because of the warranty.

It would be interesting to know the percentage of people that pay the higher price for the lifetime warranty and never use the warranty. That is they either sold the car, forgot about the lifetime warranty, car wrecked, or other reasons.




That was my experience tonight. The store on 10 Mile Road in Rockford, MI refused to honor the "lifetime" warranty on a set of brake pads, claiming that they were simply worn out.

Having spent extra for the lifetime warranty, I expect the product to last a lifetime. And having spent over $3,000 at that store, I don't expect to be back.

@Mark Carlton

You didn’t spend extra you moron, even the CHEAPEST pads come with a limited lifetime warranty lmaooo idiot


I agree! There warranty is worth nothing! Go to Autozone!


This has been an on going scam lifetime is lifetime. The limited was you and the car you own and the part you bought for that car.

If you sell it warranty is limited only to part and you the own.

Advanced is trying scams like this. Consumers need to stand and stop it now 2016 before it gets out of hand!



Exactly! Some companies do offer a lifetime warranty and actually stand behind it, NOT Advance.It is just marketing BS. Off to Rock Auto for ALL my future car parts.


Please, point me in the direction of where on their website it states anything in regards to replacing products after normal wear and tear for free.


That's a "general" warranty pertaining to many of their parts. The problem is, they list the brake pads as having a "limited LIFETIME warranty".


Y'all need to look into what "limited lifetime warranty" means. Then quit ya ***