Somerset, Pennsylvania

my car broke down 60 miles from home due to a thermostat at 1am, had a friend take me home and called my local advanced auto when they opened, they needed to order my part from the warehouse to be there at 230pm that day and only the warehouse had it, so i asked David L to order it and the *** said i have to come pay for it then come back and pick it up, i live 30min from them so without a car to make 2 trips is almost impossible. i had a friend that lives near them go in to order the parts for me and when he gets there not only was Dave rude to me his GF was rude to my friend saying no it didnt need to be paid for up front , only if i was going to the warehouse to pick it up. I Never once said i wanted to go to the *** warehouse, i will not be dealing with these *** again, Napa can get rich of my piece of *** bmw

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#1130167 could have #1: googled coupon codes for the website ADVANCE has, #2: Ordered the part using the coupon code and paying online, and #3: making only one trip saving more money than the GM gets.

If only people understood the interweb...


This might make you feel bad now, We at Advance (NO d)are now the largest auto parts retailer in the country. :D and yes you can order over the phone for certain things. But some orders (factory direct) need a deposit.




Your post makes no sense. Sounds like you know the guy personally and got pissed because he wouldn't buy the part for you with his employee discount.


you cant order through the phone its technically considered fraud


Not if someone else is picking it up for you... nope. Sure can't.


your mad because you never said how you wanted to pick it up? you should be more clear about what you wanted to do, they aren't mind readers.

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