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I'm writing about Chris Smith manager at 27th st and Broadway Council Bluffs Iowa. I had a mechanic change my oil and check out my car.

He showed me a print outhan that said my battery needed replaced. I took the read out to Advance where I bought it from.. the manager said he would have to charge the battery and then test's putting out 650 cranking amps its a 800 cranking amp battery he said he would not warranty it no matter what the two mechanic's said he told me it was normal to lose 75 cranking amps a year..and he said after 6 mo. I didn't have 800...

he said i need to buy a battery every year if I was that concerned about it and well i was at it buy a new motor too... I need th car to be dependable for medical reasons I have shopped at Advance for many years and I have never been trted this way..Chris Smith is the managers name.he told me it would take 1 maybe 6 hours or more to charge it and check it out but there is nothing wrong with it.. I told i thought the mechanic said it won't last its going bad he didn't care what they said his metor said it was good.. and he will not honor the warranty..

when I bought the battery they said the cranking amps were low and I needed one so I bought the best they the the reason I bought this one is not good enough to replace it .. From what Chris Smith Told me ..he was also very Baligerant. He treated me bad even talked loud to me.. I'm very disapointed that you hav someone like this working for you...I guess i will buy anther battery someplace eles evem

n though the one I bought from you is still under warranty.he Chris Smith said go buy one some place eles.

I'm not going to warrty that one...I have many medical conditions is why i need a dependable car i have one leg COPD I have had Heart surgery's

and this guy treats me this way I told him why I needed a dependable car he said he was in bad shape too said he couldn't breath after walking up steps to office.. what a great guy you have there !

you are osing a good customer I bought all car produts from ..Mothers wax products for my son-in- to wax my cars all the batteries and parts that I buy was from Advance...make me sick to go someplace eles.. Jerry Aherns 2121 Ave I Council Bluffs Iowa 712-322-6042

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: the way the manager treated me.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I can't speak to whatever issue you had with Mr. Smith, but I -can- tell you plenty about automotive batteries, and a little about Advance Auto's warranty policies.

First, yes, a battery needs to be fully charged to be properly tested.

A load is applied for a specified time while being monitored to see if it drops below 9.6v. If voltage starts low, it ends low, and you get a false-fail.

Second, If, as you say, a 800 CCA battery measured 650 CCA, it IS a perfectly fine battery. It is operating at about 80% capacity. Most all manufacturers won't honor a warranty until it drops to 65% capacity, which in this case would be 520 CCA.

Under typical conditions, a battery does not fail until it drops below 50% capacity.

Third, an Advance Auto employee (even the manager) has little-to-no control over warranty returns. The store has a battery tester that is pre-programmed to create a "warranty return code" when a battery fails.

Without that code, their computer/register will not allow the return to proceed. It's a control put in place by corporate because corporate doesn't trust its own employees.

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