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I ordered 2 cv joints online in the middle of the night. So I knew that it wouldn’t be ready as soon as the store opened.

So I did give it an hour after the store opened before I called to check on it. I called the location and spoke to Keesha. She said that she didn’t show my order had gone through. She asked me a few questions (extremely rudely) and 3 times asked if I had places it for the correct location.

Then told me that their computers were messed up that morning and that I needed to call the corporate number to speak to them because it was probably some thing wrong with my card. Mind you.... the payment had been processed already. So I did just that called corporate and spoke to a nice lady that showed my order and that it had been paid for.

Soooo I called the store again and got lovely Keesha.

Who still said that they don’t show my order anywhere and that corporate and the store location have different computer systems. So I told her I just wanted my money back. She repeatedly told me that I needed to call corporate back to get it figured out. That there was nothing they could do for me at that location because they didn’t have the money to put back on my card.

I refused to be the one to do all of the leg work.

Then she finally put her manager on the phone. Who proceeded to tell me that she had already pulled my order and that it was at the front desk!!!

We got the parts by now it’s 1:00 pm the whole morning wasted. Put the parts on the passenger side part was good, then took apart the driver side and go to take out the part and notice that it was not packed the same way. It was out of the packaging and looked as if it was already installed on a car.

The part number didn’t match the part number of what I had ordered nor the one on the box. So I got to speak with the people at the store yet again.

The guy that answered the phone was nice. He was there that morning also so knew a little about what happened. They didn’t have any more of that part in store so had to order it.

Now it’s 6:00 pm so it wouldn’t be in until the next day some time around 12:00. With the car torn apart my boyfriend had to miss work that night.

The next day I call the store to be sure that the part was ordered and to be delivered. The manager who was “somewhat” helpful said she wasn’t sure what ways going on but she would check on it but that the truck wouldn’t arrive until 11:50 anyway. She was about to leave the lot but would check when she got back and give me a call when it was there.

At 1:00 still no call so I called there again and she said yeah it’s here. REALLY!?!?

Went to the location where Keesha and the manager looked at the new part and the one I had and tried to tell me that they were the same. I the customer had to explain to them the difference in the 2. To which they replied oh well have a good day.

As they were pushing the part at me.

My first and ONLY experience with them! I will never be back

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Just to let the corporate office know that customer service training is needed.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Discount.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Customer service.

  • Customer Service Needs Work
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