Short Pump, Virginia
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Nice little scam going on here. Please don't buy auto batteries at Pump Rd store.

My 5 year 48H6 autocraft battery stopped holding a charge after 3 years. I waited 3 weeks before taking it in, charging it each night to see how long it held a charge. After it leaving me stranded 3 times enough was enough. When I took it in they hooked it up to their tester and said the 770 CCA battery still has 550 CCAs and that means we consider it fine.

Yeah except it won't kick over my LS1 engine. Man behind the counter says I have a bad starter..... Come on man. I have been a shade tree mechanic for over 30 years Starter works fine after full charge and alternator is fine too.

Stand behind your products. Battery will not hold a charge.

Went to auto zone. They have my business from now on

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I have an Optimus yellow top battery that is bad has a 3 year warranty but they say it is good


I know this is an old thread but at the Salem NJ store we would honor the warranty - period !


I work an advance in MI and if you batter won't hold a charge and we test it and it reads "good" or "charge required" that doesn't mean it's good. It's kind of a pain but to get an accurate read they have to let it "fast charge" on the store batter charger for a half hr then test it.

Sorry they didn't warranty it out just for customer satisfaction's sake, bad move on their part. Wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep an open mind about us, not all stores are the same.


battery is a 3 year warranty with a 2 year pro ration. if it was hooked up to the battery tester and came back good...

its good dude.


And yet it wouldn't hold a charge it start the car. Good call arm chair mechanic from Missouri.


You probably had a Parasitic drain. Either way, "30 years shade tree mechanic", if it tests good, it is good.

Also, 550 amps i MORE than eough to kick over a 6.0. They draw maybe 400 amps max. Case and point, it aint the battery. Let me guess how you determined the alt was good " I unhooked it from the battery and it still ran".

Good for you doesn't mean the ground, starter solenoid, or even wires themselves are fine. Go back to the shadetree and get a multimeter. Or, for *** and giggles, take the starter in to be tested.

And do find that parasitic drain. Or else you'll go be pissed ff at AutoZone next.

@not a shadetree mechanic

Try reading the threads before departing your wisdom on us lowly peasants Mr. Anonymous.

The battery is out of the vehicle and continues to drain.

Not sure why folks find it so hard to believe that batteries breakdown, no two are identical and the one I have is bad.

The diagnosis is based on multiple factors but the biggest being it would not start my vehicle.

It is here in my garage if anyone want to come by and talk to me about it.


Hey ejbnkejnc, I respect your opinion and honestly wish you were correct. Like I said the battery was charged on multiple occasions over a few weeks.

It would get to 100% and in 48 hours be dead. Still experiencing the same results today even though the battery is no longer in vehicle. I know what I am doing. I have 5 vehicles and tried charging the Advance Auto battery with two different chargers, not my first rodeo son.

I am also aware of the 3 year replacement / two year pro rate as I am the one who purchased the battery. I was not asking for an outright exchange just a little discount on the replacement.

Regardless, it is what it is. The new battery I purchased is working fine and I hope it lasts for years to come and that you never have the same experience.



That is complete bull!!!!!! I had a battery with a 3 year warranty in fact at this point it is STILL under warranty until 02/2016 same thing happened to me.

Took it in numerous times, complained to corporate sent in the readings from their store and the other store I finally took it to, it got to the point the battery would not hold a charge overnight. They told me the battery was good.

My car sat for 2 months because of it and arguing with them, finally took it to firestone who did a complete check put in a new battery and guess what..............HAVE NOT HAD THE PROBLEM SINCE. So guess what their equipment is either bad or not calibrated correctly!!!!!!!!!


Good, stay there. Thanks.


Good feedback from someone who probably went throught Advance Auto customer service training. I appreciate your help in proving my point George. Thanks.

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