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Store manager advised me of a mechanic that performs work on the advanxe auto parking lot i bought the required pieces and the guy did not perform work i had it done somewhere else i took the parts for a return he stated with out reciept i could not get money he advised only store credit after he reffered me to mechanic on premises . I had the most terrible experience shopping at the store on semoran and curryford in orlando2155818107

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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No everyone is a thief who hasn’t been caught yet. A receipt shows you actually made the purchase.

If you don’t think that everyone steals, look at your own family. I bet your grandmother/mother steal the sugar/sweetener packets at restaurants. Or that your dad grabs a full handful of mints as he walks out. Oh how did that steak knife end up in your moms purse.

My point is they MUST assume that you are a thief because everyone is a thief. Ask yourself a question, how much money would YOU personally want to lose giving ppl money back on items you could not prove they actually bought? How long would you be in business if you gave into every sob story? See the point?

If you cannot provide proof of purchase then NO ONE is going to put thier livelyhood and thier families future in jeapardy to give you your way. Why is it ALWAYS on the shopkeeper when YOU don’t get your way? You were given a receipt and lost it. THAT is on YOU!

You must Always save ANY receipt for atleast the length of time to do a return. Yes it can be frustrating but not as frustrating as not getting your money back.


Please name any store where you can get cash back without a receipt? God, ppl are just dumb.


The new return policy is clearly posted at all Advance stores. It clearly states, no receipt, no money back.

Only a store credit will be issued.

I was behind a person in line when this happened and the person became indignant and the clerk pointed to the big sign near the register and it stated what I said above. The person cussed and left the store--hopefully to find her receipt for the item that she claimed she bought there earlier in the day.


I can tell by the way you typed (claimed) your saying stole. Not everyone’s a thef and shoud not be treated as such.

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