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i went in to advance auto parts for parts and a tool and they had no idea what kind of tool i needed after i explain what i need it for and had no idea what spring hard ware was for i mean really an auto parts employees that dont know anything about car parts and tools come on maybe is easier to say welcome to McDonalds how can i help you?....

im never going back to advance auto parts again i will take the extra 10 minute drive to autozone to people that actually know what i need and what im looking for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Hire knowledgeable people that know about parts and tools .

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First of all people come in the store not knowing what there driving an want parts now who is the *** not the people who work there make year an model an motor size will get you the right parts.........***


I work on all my cars i can tell you everything from year to motor in all 3 of them whit out a computer and no they are not the same models 07 explorer 4.0 97 z28 5.7 08 300 3.5 I know what I need I know what it looks like but when I go to the store not even an attempt to check just a plain I don't know yeah I'm the one that don't know anything right jaja


The funny part is that McDonald's pays better. Keep in mind, advance employees learn on the job.

If they knew everything already, they certainly wouldn't be with advance. They would be making more putting that knowledge to use in a shop.

Advance trains employees on car knowledge over time. Give them a break.


Might've been a new person, when I started there I didn't know much but now two years later I'm a manager. Sorry about your bad experience, the manager should've stepped in and assisted.


Thats the thing, 3 other people were there and no one knew what I was talking about!! now OK i understand if they are new but I was looking for simple things not parts for a transmission.

I went to auto zone and in 10 minutes I had what I need it and out the door.

And if you don't know say I'm sorry let me ask, let me check, let's look it up, something to help your costumer. I don't go there to look for advice I go there to buy parts and tools if I need advice I go to a mechanic not a auto parts store even tho auto zone and Napa have people that know about parts and tools at least in my area I can't speak for all the stores

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