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Twice I was told by two different mechanics what I needed to get from this store, I called in advance and was told, yes we do that, only to get there and the same man told me we do not do that, I went next door to another auto parts store and was greeted with a smile and got the service I was looking for, I don't know why they can't even change a simple head light, all it needed was pulled out and plugged in I watched the guy do it in less that than 2 minutes. This is the 6489 route 30 in Jeannette, PA store. I would not recommend this store to anyone, they are not friendly and can not do simple tasks.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We don't change lights anymore because too many people want to claim we broke stuff on their cars doing a FREE service. Then they want us pay them.


Why do you expect us to change your headlight or anything else

We are a PARTS store not a shop

People like you *** me off

Your too cheap to take your vehicle to a shop where they will charge to change your light but expect a parts counter person to install a part?

What a idiotic complaint


No way would I expect a parts store to install anything. I go there to save money on parts to install myself.


They are an auto parts store, not a garage. They do not install headlights!!! DO you go to a grocery store and ask them to cook you food??

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