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I was at an Advance Auto today in Harrisburg on Rte 22, the one beween the 2 banks, when I saw a customer berate an employee for not giving him a military discount. The clerk asked for his card and he gave the clerk his discharge papers and the clerk told him that he has to be active or retired with the proper ID to get the discount.

The clerk even showed him a copy of the policy. The man than cursed the clerk out and demanded to speak to his boss, of which another clerk told him he will be in later. The man threw his items on the counter and cursed even more and louder before he left the store. If I workd there I would have called the police on this guy for a disturbance.

The clerks were professional all the time I was there and was very helpful even though the part I had was not in stock I was told which store it was at and went there to pick up.

I come from a military background and if this is the new order than I am glad I got out when I did although the man was not much older than I Kudos to the Clerk at the store for keeping his head during the outburst. I know the Advance, along with a lot of other stores get complaints but sometimes you have to read between the lines of the complaints.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Cool headed employees.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Rude crass customers.

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Wow so glad I got out of the military when I did . These robots today make all veterans look BSD

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