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This issue with advanced auto parts is not a new one. For as long as I can remember, the employees at the store in Hopkinsville KY have been a complete disgrace to what one might call, service…… For example, picture this.

You walk in, ask for a part, the employee laughs at your terminology, laughs at your lack of experience in the field of automotive maintenance, and sarcastically proceeds to speak to you as if you were a three year old until finally, by the grace of God he/she is able to miraculously discover what kind of car u have, part you need, etc… now if advance auto parts's company slogan is "make the customer feel as unwanted as possible" then BRAVO advanced auto parts of Hopkinsville KY, store 8330. But I have to assume somewhere, someone works for this company and is proud of what they do and proud of what their company has become. Though I have decided that O'Reilly's, less than a thirty second drive away from advanced, who are much kinder and helpful, and have my parts, and treat their customers with respect, and obviously hold a customers enjoyable experience much higher on their priority list, is the place I'll go from now on. I still seen it necessary to submit this review to say this.

I am an aircraft mechanic with much mechanical inclination and self respect even more so.

This store should just shut its doors and let the companies that know what they're doing supply Hopkinsville residents with their automotive needs. In short, just quit, because you suck at what you do.

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Not to mention most of the customers give you the same information ;does this one sound like you ? I need a belt for my car .ok I can help you what is the year make and model? Oh I don't know I guess is 2006 ford they all the same I'm in a hurry just get me the belt........really?


HAHAHA everyone wishes they were a *** mechanic. What's the big deal about it anyway? Most of them are greasy uneducated dirtbags who rip you off to do the most basic tasks.


It's funny that in the beginning you state that they laugh at you for your "lack of knowledge ".... But in the end you are a mechanic?

If you were to need a part for your "aircraft"... Wouldn't you identify the model of "aircraft" properly to find the correct part? Automotive parts work the same way. I have worked for both companies and now work for a dealership...

And you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find the correct parts without having the information supplied by the customer. Help us....

To help you.

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