Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The last 5 online orders I have made have not been ready for pickup when I arrived at the store. I understand there is an hour which you are supposed to wait, but I have in fact waited longer.

There are even times I arrived at a near empty store where the employees were just hanging around doing nothing. Meanwhile my order has not been picked. The last three times I have walked into this store I have been asked what can they help me with "buddy" by the employees. What in the *** has happened with our country?

Professionalism ,courtesy and initiative have all but disappeared. This is just one store , but not the only one with some workers that need to be trained properly and managed properly or simply fired.

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I had bought a 2013 Volkswagen and used my Jeep Cherokee as trade in. I had purchased a lot of parts in the previous week's for the Jeep, when I said to the clerk (that had helped me with the Jeep) that I got rid of the Jeep and got a VW, they laughed at me and told me that it was a *** thing to do!

That really pissed me off!

I will no longer buy my vehicle parts from

Advanced Auto. Like you said, Very unprofessional!


Ditto for store #6279 in Spartanburg SC.

Order not ready as promised

Unprofessional staff (Ferris)

Puts the in store customer before the online customer (standing in the store).


What am I missing. Unproffesional my butt.

The in store customer gets waited on first. They were there getting or asking for parts.

You sat on your behind in the comfort of you home to order to save a few bucks and then you demand they jump all over you like you a the salt of the earth.

As far as I am concerned the employee(s) followed company procedures.


Sometimes they are very busy and don't have the time, or their store has a reputation of pulling parts and the customer doesn't show so they don't do it.


Agree, 100%


This was mean to be a reply to anon from Elizabethtown KY who posted on May 8 2014


If I could use the 30% off codes in the store instead of online then I'd be more than happy to buy parts at the counter. There's always better deals when ordering online than ordering in the store.

You sound like a PO'd employee..


Employee greeting unprofessional? You do know Kentucky is considered a southern state right?

And exactly how much professionalism are you expecting for minimum wage anyway?

Would you show CEO professionalism levels for burger flipping wages? Get over yourself.


I am kind of confused as to your complaint because each time I have ordered from Advance online they send me a confirmation that the parts are ready to be picked up. If you are not waiting to receive your confirmation, you are the reason you have to wait for them to be pulled.

You must remember that any time you order online it has to go through the online departments, verify payment information and then be sent to the store for customer pick up.

In most cases, every business has a delay between their online orders and the merchandise being ready to pick up at the store. I would recommend that next time you wait until they tell you the part is ready for pick up before you go to pick it up and start complaining because you didn't want to wait for confirmation.


On the flip side.. I have placed numerous orders with Advance and never receive a confirmation emal that it's ready for pickup.

This last time I even waited two full days before I finally went to the store and asked about it.

There my order was on a shelf behind the counter. Nobody punched in the computer that it was pulled so I never got the confirmation.


I have the same problem with my nearest advance, order never ready, even a day later. I have to wait in line then wait for them to pick it.

Next nearest advance has order ready fast always within an hour , if I'll be passing that one, they get my order. I wouldn't bother ordering online but for the discount.


ANYONE who has used the wonderful APAL system knows that the web orders dont always show up when they are placed. Yes you can go in and look for them, but frankly no one does, because you dont make any money on it.

Regardless it takes less than 5 minutes to look, and then 5 minutes to pull the parts. In this instance not having the order ready, is not unusual.


Regardless whether she orders online or not, the fact that they are NOT keeping their word speaks volumes on their customer service which is very *** poor.


STOP ORDERING STUFF ONLINE. Wonder why its not picked?

Because the sales people can lose their jobs if they don't make their sales goal, and by ordering online you are paying the company directly and taking from that sales person's assets! So now when a paying customer walks in to buy a part, and it's sold because your punk *** bought it online, they lose the sale!


Would you rather them call you grumpy *** old man?

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