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Not having to good of luck with the Optima red top. Exchanged the fist one under warranty during the summer of 13, now second cold snap of the winter had to get a jump at work to get home.

Took it to the St Marys Ohio store where it was originaly purchased and store employee tested it and said there is nothing wrong with it. just low and needs charged up. Told me to bring it in and they would charge it. Really???

How is that?? 1 car,1 battery, tools at home. Now thats service... since the only problem is that the battery wont hold a good enough charge to start the car it just needs charged up..

any body got a 11 mile extension cord so I can keep a charger on it at work. Oh maybe a longer cord if I want to take a vacation or go out.

Advance Fail. Optima fail..

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Did you take it somewhere to be tested or charged? A lot of companies will bump up the CCA # on the tester just so the battery will show bad.

Also.... Optima barriers have to be charged with a piggy back battery or it will ruin the battery.

Sounds like you may have been screwed over by a competitor ?


really.. *** ***..

grow up ... called optima they told me to take the battery to @@@###%% and have it checked. I did and they replaced it ,said it had a bad cell. sold the battery at garage sale for 25 dollars.

so i guess I was right after all.

ps *** *** had the altenator checked too. and no problem.

tests jus

t fine.

so draw your own conclusions. I have my own now and most that comment about this post.


why don't you do us a *** favor and shop somwhere else. *** you.


Optima's rarely fail. Their must be something else wrong with your vehicle. If it happened twice in that short of time...


Yes, because thats totally Advances fault for trying to help you out with a problem you had. It had been warrantied once, a second time is at discretion of the manager(s).

Them offering to charge it then see if any more issues occured is more than reasonable - perhaps your car has an issue which is draining the battery. They can test that too.


Really... do you really think that I didnt check that???

No drains, checked for that before complaining.. using OEM battery now thats bout 7 years old.

like I said Adbance sucks and I will not drop another dime in there. their loss..


I have the same problem in my car ... how do I test for a drain on the battery? I called my local garage and they basically told me it would be an hour to hour charge till they found the problem


"their loss"

Not really. Sounds like you are a liability costing them money. Go to Autozone.

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