Clinton, Maryland

Well as you know advance and autozone have this limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle. Well it seems that Advance Auto is starting a scheme where they are dropping all previously purchased warranty items from their system so that you will have to purchase them again.

So, I recommend that anyone that purchase a limited lifetime warranty part make a copy of the receipt because they fade now and put it in your safe or with your auto books that came with the car for future proof of the purchase. This will eliminate any heartache that have the potential to rise when dealing with salesman or clerks in the store.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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They give you a difficult time even with your receipt so we now all go somewhere else. Perhaps policy will then change.


I experienced the same thing. I called the evening before I was going to return a starter.

Next day I was told the computer rebooted and deleted warranty. SOME COMPUTERS DO NO DELETE TRANSACTIONS WHEN THEY REBOOT! DISHONEST PEOPLE DO. I worked at 2 retail stores.

If we had a problem with a computer after hundreds of transactions we could reboot and it would retain transaction and reprint them. Advance auto employees don't even know enough about computers. You night as well have cash registers.

Reordering parts are based on transactions - sakes in the store for restocking! Your paper and ink is so cheap the receipt fades before the so called warranty runs out.


The warranty system record was never set up for continuous history, rather after two years, the system shows a customer has

purchased something via the cost shown, but what was purchased is no longer shown. And there is no store to store history lookup ability either. It is on the customer to make hard copies of the receipt for exchange/warranty issues.


With all of the technology we have these days, especially phones with cameras, take a picture of your receipt and email it to yourself. As employees we would love to give every customer free parts, but the reality is we cannot, we need proof of purchase.

Same goes for other stores like wal-mart and Walgreens. You need a receipt to return an item. As a customer it is your responsibility to keep your receipt.

However, I totally agree, Advance needs to keep up with our other competitors who do keep everything on the computers. I have been there for 10 years and has been the same since.


If some guy walks into a store a drops a three year old battery on the counter and demands another one for free with no record of the sale... not even a faded receipt...

the store is just supposed to hand him a new one? Really?


i've worked w/AAP since '07, and no transaction "stays" in the computer more than 18-24 months; i was trained to tell customers to make a copy of receipt for important parts (battery, alternator, etc)

yes, our computers are dated, but it is YOUR part, you need to be responsible enough to keep up with the paperwork; do you expect the IRS to have all your receipts for your deductions??

@***t Store Mgr

Why does every other parts store never have an issue finding any parts I've ordered, especially if you bought something with a 3 year warranty and 10 months later it's not to be found in their system, it's a scam

@***t Store Mgr

Guess what? I had my receipt and was told they couldn't process the warranty unless it was in the system.

I was in the store for over an hour. Hate this store now!!!


I agree,bought the best Battery they had Gold.Date code on battery 1/10 it is now 6/13 bad battery can not read recipt faded out.There GREAT SYSTEM does not show me buying a battery.I never bought from any other advance other than the four in my town.Guess what will not buy from advance anywhere again.

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