Southington, Connecticut

My name is larry i walked into the advance auto parts in southington ct and i had the worse customer service i ever had in a retail business .i encountered a young kid by the name off mark on june 8 2013 walked tours the counter and explain the situation i was having with my electrical system , i have a 2000 Honda civic and the battery light was on and he told me that it was the battery off the Bat and i explain to him i put in a new battery about a 3month ago..and he replies maybe the battery is dead ask me if i put it in the correctly with an attitude,or the battery terminal were bad all he was doing is guessing instead off testing my electrical system to be sure he was just to *** mr know it all i went to auto zone they did the electrical system and found out it was my alternator within in 5 minute so i purchase it there because they understood my problem and they solve it in minutes instead off asking me 20 question when it took minutes to solve ... and i would never shop at advance auto part anymore or recommend it to anyone

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

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Don't blame the employee. Blame the store managers and district managers who allow this type of behavior.

All they care about is sales and payroll. Don't want to pay their employees what they deserve. Autozone and Advance are all the same.

Any employees of these business are only defending their employer because it is their livelyhood. Once one quits, they won't defend their former employers.


I would have definitely fired that employee. He was just being lazy. He could have easily tested your electrical system and diagnosed it.


hello larry, mark here. really wish i remember this incident, i never act like that and formally would like to appologize. if you took it as an attitude i truely am sorry. as a manager at this location i try to stress the importance of customer service and help everyone at every given cost. the battery light issue however, that is false. the 'battery light' is actually a charging system malfunction indicator light, which generally points to a bad ground, over charging or undercharging, which is an alternator, belt or other electrical related issue. have you checked the belt tensioner, belt itself, alternator straps/connectors as well as battery terminals since this issue?

again, i truely am sorry and as such, i would hope you can accept my appology. if you come into the store this week i can give you a $20 gift certificate, hopefully that will make amends for this misunderstanding. however, instead of trash talking my company's reputation, why not seek higher authority than me and contact our customer support center printed at the bottom of your reciept? if i failed to meet or exceed your expectations at any moment they would have picked up the slack and notified me of my wrong doing and corrected me.


I am a Team Member at advance Auto and I just want to say that not all employees that work for this company are this careless. I'll do anything I can to get the problem for the customer sorted out and corrected. Customer comes first.


Just remember they sell parts they are not mechanics...they have a computer in front of them you ask for the part and they will look it up..that's how it they are not gonna be paying and hiring people that are mechanics and get paid good alot of the people who work at advance get paid min wage...


You should have come to O'Reilly Auto Parts. We would have tested your battery for you immediately, or even better yet, someone with my knowledge would have told you that when the battery light comes on, it is usually the alternator that is bad


I'm Mr. Know-It-All from Advance Auto Parts. At least I know the English language. ***. The counterman was probably fed up with your mullet and endless perspiration based around your insatiable drinking habit. Perhaps in the future you could try to aim your complaints with subjective content rather than blatant idiocy.

However, you're quite correct that AAP should have tested your electrical system rather than trying to get to the bottom of your hysterical inadequacies.

Better luck in the future with that mullet, bro.

@Mr. Know-It-All

The poster is actually the former RPP at that location in Southington. He's upset because that *** Mr.

Knowitall" was below his paygrade, out preforming him and his knowledge of automotive systems was preparing him for advanced career placement. He is just sour that the kid was about to take his job. I'm one of the regulars there, as well as a close friend of Mark. I have overheard the former employee calling Mark that exact name, word for word.

Mark would never act with such disrespect towards a customer, let alone misdiagnose a car with an issue as simple as that. He is in an ASE training program. This poster know works at the Autozone in Southington I have heard. My word of advice is to skip over the zone and head to Advance.

Talk with Tony, Matt or Mark for yourselves and see what customer service is all about. They know what you need to fix your vehicle right the first time.


1st thing to remember when going into a retail auto parts store, is the employees are not mechanics, and have very limited car knowledge, and basically the only reason they are there, is because no one else would hire them. Yes I would agree that most of their workers think they know more than they actually do.


I'm sorry you had a bad experience in Advance Auto, not all stores are like that. Apparently that young man needs to be trained in customer service.

Don't let one person ruin it for you in shopping at Advance Auto. They really do have great customer service and they are really knowledgeable when it comes to cars.


Tron your an *** first off. And remember if you want a mechanic go to a shop.

If you want parts and ok advice and think you can fix your own problem go to the parts store.

Im in retail parts and been turning wrenches for years. so try to be understanding with these kids just trying to help your *** out


Really? My husband is the GM for a store and was an ASE Master Tech that was laid off Oct 2008 when people got into DIY.

(3 of his certs need renewed/retested for). Our son started working for a different store a month after his 18th birthday at $10.10/hr due to his experience growing up around card and having built a few. Oh. He's been ranked #5 in the district more than once in less than a year.

He just got a MacBook with his points.

AAP team members should understand he has what it takes just by that (my husband did not contribute his points as he got a flat screen tv & Amazon cards).

Don't be ignorant.

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