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I went to advance auto parts on Sunday at 6:08 PM I was helped by a guy named Greg well I walked in the store right up to the counter with the battery and I explained to him I “think” I need a battery employee did not offer to test my old battery and just brought me out a new battery never told me that there was a no return policy on batteries. So today after work I went to return my battery and the rude manager stated that there was a no return policy for batteries I will never shop here again!! Will be calling the 1888 number as soon as they open

Product or Service Mentioned: Battery.

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So you bought something you were told BEFORE you paid for it "no returns" now you are mad because you cant return it?


Here's a tip. If you don't want it, DON'T *** BUY IT


So you thought you needed a battery and you BOUGHT one. Now you think/know that you did not need a battery and you want to return a battery when/where anywhere you shop you can not return electrical items and you want to file an internet complaint!!

You made a mistake, grow some gonads and man up to it. Why must the employee offer to test your battery? You did not ask for a test. You go to a restaurant and order a steak ( or you might be a vegan with the way you complain) and do you expect them to cut it for you??

Complain the next time you order coffee and its not stirred for you. I am sure they will be expecting your call and let them know ahead of times that you will provide the cheese and whine!!!!!!


First off I’m a woman not a man and u and keep ur *** comments to yourself thanks in advance

@Pissed off customer *** off

OOOOOOOOOOHHHH I am so sorry, I did not know that you would be using the feminine woe is me card. This is 2018 equal rights for everyone. As for comments to myself - remember you posted this on a public forum on the internet once again equal rights me too

@Pissed off customer *** off

So that gives a free pass to be a *** ? How about ask what the return policy is before you purchase something like a car battery . Or did you think flashing some clevage and flirting would get you what you want ?

@Pissed off customer *** off

So since your tits didn’t get you the refund what are you going to do. Personally I would just put the new battery in.