543 S Elm St, Commerce, GA 30529, USA
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Got poor service. They sat on their butt and could care less about customers.

Pointed finger toward needed parts. Free installation offered on window but not offered. Shouldn't have to ask. Will not be there ever again.

Chris P. At Commerce, GA location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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HMMMM, did not see the 4 foot tall sign


It was on the end window. I parked on other end of building....walked straight in, wasn't reading damn windows. Needed wipers


No, did not think it was necessary at the time, name is Steve and I believe the sign says most vehicles. Anyway did you ask to have them installed after all for as mouthy as you are with the complaint on the internet I think you might of asked them being its a do it yourself store, and you did see the sign.

I don't go to clothing stores and ask them to dress me or go to restaurants and expect them to spoon feed me either but then again its just me. BTW I am not an employee either, just someone reading the complaints as I had some "valid" ones that I had posted earlier this yr.


Screw you Steve. I didn't see sign until I got out of store.

I have auto store I go to regularly, they are friendlt, helpful and work to keep customers. Had wiper come to pieces in rain, needed to stp at closest auto store so not to break law by not using wipers in rain.


Take the sign down that is 4 feet tall that says free installation of wiper blades. Just sorry customer service.

I did it myself. Too scared to put you name down on your quote.....


Its a do it yourself store not a garage. As for installation, if you don't know how to do it yourself ask them and they will install. They are not aid to wait on you hand and foot.Yes you have to ask they do not know what your skill level or level of manhood is, btw who ties your shoes for you?