Evans, Georgia
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On Sunday April 12,2015

I was in your Evans, Ga branch

Waiting at the register to speak with someone to get an estimate on a battery for my vehicle. There was a young guy at the register on my left who was on the phone and an older guy on my right had no customers and as we were standing there a white guy walks in the store the older man asks him how can I help you sir and we said we were standing here we need help, he ignored me and asked the guy again how can I help you? I said well we need help we've been standing here and again he asked the other guy how can I help you sir? I was livid! I told my friend let's go and we left. I am an regular customer of your products but since this incident I'm having second thoughts. I did purchase a battery at another company, as well as other things. I did call your customer care line on Wednesday, April 14, because that was the only free time I have between jobs to call. I was told that the general manager or district manager will call me within 24-48 hours which has not happen as of yet. Which leads me to believe that my concern or my patronage isn't of any value to your company.

I hope to hear from someone soon regarding this issue.

My next letter will be sent to channel 12 news aa well as this letter.


Deborah Allen BSN RN

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Close to my house.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Customer service, Being totally disregarded.

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As with every company, there are different duties for different people. Older people are usually parts drivers and may be able to help a customer find something on the shelf, or perform a diagnostic check.

They can not look up parts or help customers at the counter. I was a manager for Advance, and I guarantee you that you were not helped right away because the man in question was only a driver. He can only greet customers, and find stuff ion the sales floor for them. He couldn't have helped you.

I can kinda understand why nobody would want to, though. Do you always walk around with the race chip on your shoulder?

Sounds like I wouldn't have wanted to help you either. It sounds to me like you are the racist.


That's not totally correct. Maybe in some stores but not the ones I frequent. At the very least they could have been greeted, asked if they needed help and then ask to wait for the gentleman on the phone if he wasn't able to assist.


Dear anonymous,

To answer your question, no I don't walk around with the race chip on my shoulder, to be quite honest this was the second incident, I dismissed the first incident. I am very open minded with race and I know when I've been discriminated against.

I am no where near racist, perhaps you are according to your reply! To be quite honest i would have had you reprimanded as I did him.

Have a nice day!

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