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My headlight went out last night. I went to the store because I didn't want to risk getting a ticket for a burned out headlight.

They charge me $99 for an HID headlight. Ridiculously expensive as it is seeing how I can buy bigger lightbulbs for my house for no more than $10. The box was already opened and the sales associate taped it shut. I took apart my front bumper for over 4 hours trying to get my bulb out so I gave up.

I put the bulb I thought I was going to use back in the box. The next day after I get off work, I drive to another store location, and I forgot the box at home, so I buy another one at the store thinking I can return the one at home. The associate at this location helps me put it in my car, then turns out the light still doesn't work, so he uninstalls, puts the old bulb in, then refunds me for the light I just bought. He told me I probably have a worn transformer or fuse so I have to go to a dealership which is going to rape me in charges.

I go to the dealership, then I get home and go back to the advance store which I bought the original lightbulb from. I had my receipt, the credit card I purchased it on. The *** tells me he can't return it because it's opened. WHAT THE HECK?

I ask where his store manager is. He says he is the manager for the night, and I can speak to his store manager tomorrow. You definitely bet I will be. This is *** ridiculous.

I've worked at walmart, gap, and an open box being returned WITH THE RECEIPT was never an issue. And I read the receipt as soon as I got home, and there was NOTHING mentioned about the return policy.

This is *** I'm so sick of being ripped off by a bunch of minimum wage crooks just because I'm a female. Over it.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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look you *** ***, not every one is ripping you off, sopmething just *** cost that much!!


Thats part of problem, using parts stores to try parts, first don't ever buy a part that has been opened and taped back at parts house, the reason this happens is instead of having a vehicle checked customers just go buy a part, try it if it don't work they expect to just take it back and get their money

problem is now it has been opened and possibly damaged by the customer but store refunds money, tapes up box and puts back on shelf, sometimes customers return used part instead, i own an automotive garage and don't really care for aftermarket parts but have no choice sometimes, more than once we've received a used part in box straight from truck order that store just received and brought to us. happened yesterday on a window regulator but i had delivery driver stay while i opened retaped box and sure enough it was used, had fingerprints all over box.

A 5-10 dollar bulb maybe but buying a 99.00 hid bulb without having car diagnosed is customers fault and bulb shouldn't be returned because you can't replace it. It was nice of other store to help you and i applaud them for that, and shame on first store for giving you trouble,but just go stand back and watch in an advance store for a couple of hours and look at all parts returned because that didn't fix the car, they are resealed and put back on shelf. In long run things would be cheaper if vehicles were properly diagnosed then the right part can be bought first time.

but a lot of parts at advance, autozone, oreilly's auto are china parts anyway, really have to be careful with them. the parts houses don't stock the better parts a lot of the time because people choose cheaper parts instead of better parts.


Stop confusing actual complaints to hurt feelings. You have no merit to your claim.

I don't understand where people get the idea that they are special and get special rules. First off, the gentleman who returned that part for you... shouldn't have. He broke policy rules.

Secondly, any opened electronic part can NOT be returned. Thirdly, HID bulbs are that price, period so don't complain about 100 dollars for a High Intensity Discharge Bulb and compare it to your old school incandescent bulbs.


It's because you touched the bulb with your FINGERS, .It says that on the package, And the Sales Associates may have mentioned that to you , when purchasing. They usually do.

And car parts compare in no way to parts for your home. you should really delete this post of yours it is very ***.

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