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I purchased my item using my debit card. Afterwards i realized that i would not need it so i decided to return the part.

He explained to me that he would have to refund the money to my card instead of cash. After i showed him the attached picture he said " that's assuming the store has that cash on hand." I told him that it should not affect me because their policy only stated a cash refund on debit purchases.

He then told me that the only way tonget cash would be to come back later that day in which he did return my money in a Spiteful manner. I do not feel like i should have had to drive 20 minutes one way four times that day to receive my refund the way that their policy explains.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is a gray area.. Yes, you are able to get cash back.

But understand, AAP doesn't carry a lot of cash on hand. It's easier for the business and customer (not only at AAP, but anywhere now) to bring your card with you too get your refund.

Think about it like this, how much cash do you carry? Didn't you purchase your items with a card?..

So do 98% of everyone who walks through the doors now. That's why there's a lack of cash.


The advanced return polices have changed , if you pay with card you get the refund on that card , if you pay in cash you get it back in cash . If you have no proof of purchase you receive store credit . The return policy is now 45 days after purchase date .


I guess it did affect you, since they did not have enough cash to give you at the time. I am sure you remained very polite and understanding. With that said he should not have gotten spiteful with you when he did what you wanted later in the day.

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