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I went to Advance Auto Parts 6660 Knight Arnold Memphis tnn.38118 to by parts, and while waiting in line for a few mins I ask to use the rest room,and the clerk told me that his manager doesn't allow customers to use the rest room. So I left and went across tha street to Autozone to use the rest room and since I was there I purchased my parts there. I really didn't know that Advance Auto didn't allow customers to use the rest room.Why?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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it is up to the store if they want to make their restrooms public. i have seen what customers can do to a bathroom. fling their nasty soapy hands all over the mirrors, *** all on the floor, even take merchandise to the back to steal.


More than likely they were tired of cleaning it, or it was located in an area to dangerous for customers to go to. When you are nice and let people use it...all I know is I've seen first hand how nasty some customers are...*** on the toilets and floors peeing all over...welcome to the degeneration of society.

Read some news about what is going on in Seattle.

...disgusting. ..

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