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On June 2016 I stopped to the Advanced autoparts shop at Nottingham way in Hamilton NJ to buy a new battery for my Toyota Corolla LE. I Payed for service installation thinking the service would be professional.

Unfortunately, the service I received was he worst, they sold me the wrong size battery and broke my engine coolant pipe during the service leaving my car completely broken. The manager completely refused to offer car service for me to go home. I had to call a towing service to take my car to the dealer, which the store refused to Pay for. I called the manager to ask what the process would be for him to help me Pay for the expenses, he had agreed to pay for the repair but not for towing. As a complete ***, I believe this unprofessional man and payed $330 to the dealer to replace my broken pipe that again Advanced Auto parts broke. When I took my car out of true dealer, I was dismayed to see my car's engine light blinking and my car trembling like an earthquake. So the dealer had to recheck my car and they diagnosed the problem as coolant liquid potentially having come inside the engine and provided the bad news that the only way to get it fixed was changing the engine, a cost of ~ $4500.

So you can imagine my frustration on a car that I had been taking extreme care since 2008 when I purchased it brand new. So if you are a potential customer, I do not recommend you to trust Advanced Auto Parts, their service is AWEFUL!! And their staff completely unprofessional,

By the way, I will have to go the long way of calling the Advanced Auto parts corporate office and most likely they will deny to provide a resolution. So I am ready to use a lawyer because I do not believe companies like this one should exist and be trusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Yeeeaaa... I'm gonna go ahead and call b.s on this one.

I think the dealer is just trying to sell you an engine. Sounds like you may have gotten halogen fluid inside the engine.

You can test this by unplugging the fuel atomizer solenoid and taking a left hand thread screwdriver and touching both posts on the battery at the same time while hooked up. Should cure your issue!


You or the dealer is lying.

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