Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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I was in the Harrisburg store which is located across from the Fishbone store on Jonestown rd in Harrisburg today when I noticed or I should say I overheard a customer yelling at an older gentleman. I was looking for car wash when this customer yelled at this guy for not looking at his battery right away.

I looked over and saw the older employee walking over to the customer and the customer told him to walk around him, the older gentleman told the customer that he has a bad knee or something like that and said that he could not help him so the customer walked out of the store. This person was really rude to the employee and I am suprised that he did not call the cops on this guy. Kudos to this Advance employee for walking away.

I know if my husband would of been there he would of stepped in and said something to this *** but I guess he gets a kick on picking on older people. I guess this jerks mom never taught him to treat older people with respect!!!

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