Saint Louis, Missouri
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I purchased wiper blades and when I asked the employee if he was going to install them as he was walking away from me he was shaking his head no. When I got to the counter I asked him if he was not going to install the blades.

He reluctantly said he would put the blades on. While he installing the blades he used the hood of my car as a work bench dropping an adaptor which slid down the side of the fender. After he installed the blades he didn't say thank you or anything else just walked away. Also you may want a uniform check on your employee's as in tucking in their shirts and tying their shoes.

This took place at store #05673 in Florissant, MO. There are other auto parts stores in my area which I'm sure would be happy to have my business so with that in mind I will not be back to any of you locations if this is the caliber employee you are hiring.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Part and customer service, Employee attitude.

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he put on your wipers for free correct ? Admit the only reason your there is to get the free service , remember the counter person isn't a certified mechanic . Why don't you say thank you lazy *** and learn to put your own wipers on


God forbid a customer say thank you as well for a free service, these are the same people that come in for a battery install on a single digit wind chill day and stand in the store while we're out installing the battery.


so you want him to thank you for him doing something for you. Entitled people gosh that's nasty

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