Maplewood, Minnesota
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I regularly shop at the Maplewood, Minnesota Advanced Auto Parts store and on average I have a good experience. Today I went into the store and asked if I could use code reader.

They asked if I had a check engine light and I said no. They wouldn't let me use it because I didn't have check engine light on. One of the clerks proceeded to tell me it sounded like a brake issue and I proceeded to tell him in a calm and professional way it had nothing to do with the brakes and it sounded like a transmission issue. What set me off was his action of rolling is eyes and giving me the "your a dumb *** look" and I wish you would leave my store feeling.

Just don't like to be looked down upon when asking for some help.

I'll give the store one more chance. If *** customer service happens again, I'll write the company a nasty complaint letter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Customer Service classes need to be taken by store employees or employee needs to find another job if he doesn't like his job..

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You realize that if a car has no check engine light on 95 per cent of the time there is no code the other 5 percent may have the bulb either burned out or disabled. If it is a tranny issue why are you being cheap and expecting free service take the vehicle to tranny shop

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