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My battery went bad.i dropped it off about 2pm. Ben said he would check and give me a call when he was done.great guy.

Ben call me back about 5pm. The charger kicked off battery was bad. Ben said come up and we will give you another batery.i got there about 5:20. I talked to young lady about battery.

She said ok. And i got inline.when my turn was up she didnt know how to process transaction. Joe said he woild do it after he was done with his costumer. Go to the next person in line.

I stood next to old battery quietly. Joe gets done. Looks up at next costumer and saya whos next.i said i was next and the next costumet points at me. Joe goes off stating how am i to know when you came in.

But he watched me walk over to the battery..so i tried to explain to joe. You just told you co worker to tell me you would serve me after you got done. I tried to get this out 3xs. Each time joe interuped me and got loud.he was so ignorant.i stopped and let him go customers were laighing at him.

Then joe realized he was making a spectical of himself he stopped shouting.but kept harrassing me.he asked me for my phone number i said to joe it is on the paperwork.he started getting ignorant again then saw when he snatched the paperwork off the battery he dropped one of the papers.then sarcasticly picked the paper up saying oh you mean this paper.looks me up sees my address and still asked me my address to put in system. I said it slowly so he could keep up he asked me again for second half of address.i told him again slowly. He had the nerve to ask me for the zip code. Now i know he was screwing with me.i say ok i know what i have to do now to the costumer behind me.

He knotted yes. Joe goes off again stating you can do what you want im not scared of you. I turned back and said sir i was not talking to you and i did nothing to you in a threating manner.i dont know what is wrong with joe. But i dont appreciate his bad atittude.

I buy my parts from advance auto parts as im a locate mechanic.i buy alot on line. But im not going to put up with joes atittude when i did nothing to him.

Review about: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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