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I allows hate paying with a debit card at your stores and online store. Because it takes a week for you to return my money to my debit card account.

To make matters worst you will not allow exchanges of the wrong online item for in store correct item. First I must return the wrong item and await refund and then I have to buy the over the in store item.

Just bad business practice. I filled out a lengthy survey at time of purchase (online) which you can disregard.

Not a happy camper, William Harrell extra word extra word extra word *** requirement extra word

Monetary Loss: $44.

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Nothing but problems. I'll never buy anything from them again.


You don’t have to buy the in store items. Since you ordered online then yes like most internet sites you have to get your money back from the online store.

Brick and mortar stores operate under different rules from their online sites. Next time do your homework and order the right parts instead of blaming others for your stupidity


Start using cash...BOOM problem solved. If you are smart and use cash you can get cash back same day.

All this bitxxing u could of had ur money back. If you have a debit card 9/10 the funds are in your account go to an ATM withdraw ur money u now have cash or if you dont like the ATM fees go to your bank fee free.

And go on with ypur life. Every parts store is the same stop crying about it.


You need to call customer service and the bank


Those that are complaining about the time it takes for a refund are simply idiots who lash out on anyone or anything they don’t have the intelligence to understand. When you buy something using a credit or debit card the money doesn’t go right to the store.

A hold is placed on the amount and on the next business day the money is transferred to the store/company once they request it. Essentially they are telling the bank, that transaction amount placed on hold is a final transaction and yes, we want the money. It works the same for a refund. In a refund transaction the return amount is placed on hold from the company’s account (essentially frozen and can’t be used) and on the next business day your bank will request the money by finalizing the transaction.

No retailer holds your money hostage. Get educated {{REDACTED}}.

@Idiot Killer

That's *** When I pay Advance Auto for something the money comes out of my checking account IMMEDIATELY so why the *** does it take a week for them to pay me back?


If I pay using my debit card the money comes out instantly. I bought the item 4 days ago.

And they are saying I can only have it put it back on my debit card. Yeah well I don't have it with me today, but I have my receipt and they are saying I can only have store gift card!! Thiefs!! I live 20 mins away and I have to go back and get the card.

Lost a customer. Auto zone for me!!

@Idiot Killer

Totally misinformed. It takes up to 1 to 3 days to post.

However refunds seem to take a week or longer. Only Advance Auto Parts has this annoying issue.


I will never order or buy anything from advance again. They're quick to take your money, but when they send you the wrong parts, they keep your shipping payment and you wait a week to get your money back. I've spent thousands of dollars there, buit now am switching to autozone for all my automotive needs.


Um you expect a refund on shipping to ?


If they ship you the wrong part then yes 100% they should refund shipping charges. Take it out of the pay of whoever cant read an order sheet.


I had the same problem! My money automatically comes out of my account but I have to wait a week to get my money back


It's your bank not advance auto, I used my debit card and returned an item and it was back in my bank account in less then 10 minutes .


Yea they took my money instantly from my debit card but when I figured out I had bought the wrong item and needed a refund, they're taking their time giving me my money back. O'Reillys from now on for me.


O'rileys takes just as long


Beware of Chef Resouces online, one of their customer service representative told me that they are to busy to refund my money because they have a lot of Christmas orders to fulfill, even though sent me a substitute for an out of stock item I order, which they did not make on their website that item was no longer available. Avoid them like the plagu!


I'm not quite sure what Firebird is saying because at our store, we don't match online pricing. But everything Anonymous said is correct.

Two separate entities, and the store does not have your money... the online division does. The store simply acts as a middle man or face for the operation. We are like a warehouse at that point.

The problem is we can't do an exchange because we never got the money. So you can buy the correct part and return the incorrect part but we can't just do an even swap it isn't like the online division will credit it to us. This is why I always suggest if you are going to buy a part online, call the store first to get the correct information that way you order the right part. I've seen online customers order back brakes for front brake jobs because the website doesn't differentiate very well.

I have no problem looking up a part, it takes a measly 5 minutes on the phone that way everyone is happy. And as far as the funds, it isn't Advance Auto Parts fault because the online division is like a credit card, the moment we refund it, the funds are released immediately. The banks like to take their time.

Sometimes they are a small family bank and don't connect well with online banks, other times they just want to make you wait. I'm sorry but it is the truth.


Ill go one further with the attached comment. As long as you Bank holds the money, its free for them!

He is right, we refund same day, its always an issue when your bank falls down on the job. As far as online goes, each employee has a "quota" to sell, they really dont want to help you, and further more could care less. HOWEVER, call the store, tell them your online and ask for the online discount. You now have their undivided attention.

They will give you the discount at the store, and be more than willing to get you the right part, which obviously you cant seem to do. Not trying to be rude, but the store is paid to find the right part every time...your not.


You can't get the online discount in the store at advance auto , and if an employee is doing that it will catch up to them and get fired .


I work for Advance Auto, and I would like to fill you in on a few insider details.

When we refund you you money, it leaves our accounts that same day, it's your bank that is causing the timely delay.

As far as the online vs. in store exchanges, we can't do them because our online store, and our locations are two separate entities.

Our "In Store Pick-up" option is there simply to allow you to get your parts same day, and not have to pay for shipping. If you are having this problem on a regular basis, you should call your local store and double check the part numbers, and applications before ordering online.

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