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Store number 08804, today i called and talked to shaw regarding a starter i purchased in april with a limited life time warranty. The starter broke in half back in july, i exchanged it, the replacement starter just broke the end of the housing off completly again.

Called and talked to shaw about getting a refund for the starter, he said no way and he might be able to give me a store credit. I am just trying to get a refund on the faulty desig ed starters they sell and get one from napa. I called corpriate and they refused to do anything other than call the store and ask him to exchange it! I dont want to be jacking my car up every couple weeks and replacing the starter since that is not fun to do.

Meanwhile i have spent over $5000 on parts at a seperate advance here in groton ct. I feel like a $170 refund for having spent 5k at advance is not asking much at all!

Very very displeased with slthe store(08804) in new london and will not do business with them again! At this rate maybe i should just take all my business elsewhere

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Their warranty states that if its defective they will replace it. I am surprised they even offered you a store credit as its not policy. I agree that some of their stuff is not up to par but policy is policy.

to Mechanic #1536780

Corpriate said they will usually do a full refund when the product has been replaced 4 or 5 times, who is going to replace their starter that many times before realizing its a junk starter? The store also said I was not shimming it properly so they wouldn't honor the warranty, even though it's sold as an oem fitment starter that is sold without shims.

to TrivialCarp #1537234

They usually don't supply shims with the starters(usually chevies require shims and some others)and some starter manufacturers do give your shims and you have to use your old ones or buy new, BUT if your original starter did not need shims then you should not need them for a replacement starter. Good luck, hopefully if you keep pursuing it you will get your money back.

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