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Very displeased with services rendered to me on a cash purchase /return misplaced receipt. Customer Service SUCKS at Advance Auto Parts Mt.Ephraim Ave.

Camden location.

Loyal paying customer...I dont get your system at all, whats the reason for having my telephone #on file that apparently brings up every transaction made. Clearly the screen shows my transaction/purchase for the fuel pump of $300 i need my money refunded.

Review about: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No receipt, how do they know that you are the original purchaser. As for being a loyal paying customer what does that have to do with the sale. You or the original purchaser have to pay for something before it can be returned or is there more to you story than you are tell without a receipt.


Hmm cash back on a purchase with no proof of purchase . Hmm the policy is posted in the store , or did you ask about the policy ? Save your receipts


It does not bring up every purchased made. Only warranted items bought in store.

If you bought in on the internet then you have to provide the order number for the clerk to find it. If not via the internet then the clerk can check you history for the pump if it was bought less than 2 yrs ago.

That is how long Advance keeps it in the system, it is the customers' responsibility to track their warranty, not Advance or any parts store for that matter.

They are not you personal filing system.

As for refund, I can guarantee you that the coverage is for a replacement in case of defect--you do not get your money back. I guess if you get coffee at Mcds's and it gets cold that you will want your money back too.

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