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My mother submitted an online order for an in-store pickup at store 9498, order number 29032027, for MAF Sensor Cleaning Spray totaling $8.90, I repeat: $8.90. I had to pick it up because she is ill and unable to leave home and all I received was poor customer service from everyone at the front desk and denial of the product that I could not show identity for.

I had the order number, a picture of the computer screen that the order was made on in plain sight and I knew what the product was. (This was around 4:00- 4:30 pm). To be asked for ID and the credit card from the cardholder for an item so cheap when it is completely obvious that the order was done from my home seems absolutely ridiculous. I work in retail and we have a very similar ordering system and we take care of our customers in every case. I can't believe how much attitude I caught from your employees for a simple order. I wasted my time driving over there in a car that is in great need of repair and I was denied something that I needed to try to fix it. Unacceptable. How could anyone possibly suspect fraud for something as simple as a spray?!

I have no intention on ever returning to an Advance Auto Parts ever again as a result of such poor quality customer service. I will be spreading the word around town: Avoid these people...

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Repair.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I also agree Advance Auto Parts' policy on this is in need of common sense restructuring. Every store has the ability to order online and pick up.

However, you're always able to add someone on the order to pick it up. I'm in a similar situation where my mother is 65 and needs her car fixed. She shouldn't need to go to the store and wait in line to get spark plugs for a car she isn't fixing herself, when she has a son who can do all these things for her. Interestingly enough, I could go to the store to buy the parts...

WITH HER CARD with no problem, but they'll be more expensive. I'm thinking this is more about the bottom line and not servicing the customer.


id have to take this kids side, first of all the item was paid for , he had the order number and knew it was to be picked up, Who makes a Online Order to Pick up at the Store and waits days or longer to Pick up their item? I wouldnt i would pick it up right away.

And who would go through all that trouble to steal $8 ?if it was a thief like you would claim they would do exactly like you said, wipe the card clean not rip off $8 i think needing a ID to pick up Auto Parts is BS. IF it was $100 or more i could see but if you have a conformation receipt and your id then who cares who pays for it, Answer me this and ill agree with you.

What if my relative from another state or just my relative gets on my advanced auto account , pays for my parts with pay pal as a present or holiday gift or just for help and you go with your receipt , your ID that links you to your account, should i not get my order? Thats not right and i would be pissed to , I dont see someone telling another person that hey i put a order in at advanced and heres all im getting and someone else running to steal their parts,, I sale on ebay and they use pay pal and im always getting emails to ship items to relatives and friends in other states paid by someone else and i have not had one problem with someone saying they never made the order, ADAVNCE Auto you would lose my life time business, so theres 2 customers gone that was 100% faithful , FORGET YOUR PROMO CODES that mess up your sales profits , who the *** are you to even care about the millions advance makes, those promo codes are obviously accepted by the owners and Ceos or they wouldnt be able to be used, some of the stuff you people wrote in your comments are just plain retarded


Your complaint has no actual merit and is the result of being frustrated you didn't get what you want. I'm sorry you feel you deserve special treatment but the way things work at Advance is Policy over people's feelings.

You don't get charged until we hit PICKED UP.

We verify who it is so we make sure we are charging the correct person and they are leaving with the correct product. You give off poor attitude and that is unacceptable in the LIFE department, so before you criticize others for doing their job, judge yourself for the way you live your life.


You sound like a loser.


He sounds like the biggest loser on this planet!


i give the employees kudos for protecting the integrity of their customers.


the real question is did your dad tell you that the customer does not actually get charged until we hit the pick up button?


how would you feel if your mom didn't actually buy it and some one stole her credit cards and wiped out a account and a advance employee saved her the money because he or she actually did their job to make sure identity :? matched


First off, they allowed it before. Second off, my father works for the company and he just told me they can do it since "Service is our best part." You don't get fired for taking care of the customer.

Third off, it was prepaid... ONLINE. Accepted and everything. I work the business and we have the same system and we don't deny customers their products.

And as a matter of fact, no, I don't have the money because I paid my bills and my brother's bills. My mother needed the stuff for me to help fix the car.

Regardless of anything you've said, I still received poor attitude and that is absolutely unacceptable in the customer service business. You can defend them all you want...

you weren't there. Does the corporation pat you on the head for every obedient comment you make in their favour?


Your father works for the company that you're on here complaining about? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Funny how they take the CC and swipe it for everyone else on the planet but for you it was prepaid online...not just reserved under that CC #.

You don't get fired for taking care of a customer?

I'll try that tonight..."hey I left my wallet at home, give me the part and I'll be back in an hour. I promise!"

You are so full of shît! :grin

Instead of making stupîd complaints, go mow your neighbor's lawn so you'll have $8.90 to your name.

I repeat: $8.90! :sigh


Aw, You're so cute. Thanks for brightening my day. :)


You're welcome, happy to be a ray of sunshine in your day. 8)

Now, can you please tell us more about your father's reaction to your complaint about the company he "works for"?

Especially this part: "I have no intention on ever returning to an Advance Auto Parts ever again as a result of such poor quality customer service.

I will be spreading the word around town: Avoid these people."

That's harsh...basically boycotting the company your OWN FATHER WORKS FOR and then telling it to the world on the internet! :grin


You had all that information and yet you didn't read where you are required to show ID and give them the credit card you used to RESERVE the item online? The same credit card that they run through the scanner when you pick the item up because that is where the PAYMENT IS ACTUALLY TAKEN?

And even if you supplied them with a CC# on a printout, are they supposed to punch it in manually and process the order because it was only $8.90 and you look like a nice honest person?

Basically break corporate policy and lose their jobs over you.

Lastly, while you were there, why didn't you just take a can off the shelf and pay for it? Did mom have to pay for it online because you don't have $8.90 to your name?


I think he was being a cheap little *** and using those promo codes that hurt our sales numbers.

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