This was my first time visiting and I am really upset at how terrible my customer service experience was at this location

First and foremost, this review is related to KIDUS, who was the cashier working the front during my visit. I let Kidus know that I came in for a battery check and he said he would be with me in 5 minutes. I stood near the front of the door while waiting for him, and said I should just wait in my car instead since he would be out to me in the next 5 minutes.

So I popped my hood and sat in my car as I waited for Kidus. Since I was parked right in front of the shop, I noticed that 10 minutes had passed and Kidus was walking around on his cell phone. I figured that maybe he was handling an important call so I brushed it away and waited it out.

After 20 minutes passed, I noticed another employee walking to the door of the shop and asked if he would be able to help me instead since Kidus never came by. The employee agreed and checked on my battery; however, he noticed that my battery needed to be recharged so the test would not give an accurate reading. I went back inside the store and Kidus was standing at the cashier desk and asked me what was going on.

I let him know that I had waited for him for while he was on his cell phone so I was having another employee help me out. At this point I was furious and asked for a manager to get involved with testing my battery. Kidus verbatim said to me "stop getting in your feels" and made it seem like my time was not valued and my feelings were invalid.

As I told him I would complain to management, Kidus began to challenge me and said "make sure you get down my name". He made it known that corporate would not do anything about it.

I let James (the manager on duty) know what had happened. James did my battery test and let me know he would handle everything with Kidus.

I appreciate that James stepped up to assist me; however, I am not sure if the situation will get handled.

Anyways, a few of the comments Kidus made to me were just downright inappropriate. I'll highlight a few which were not only plain rude but also some "first times" that I had to experience as a customer:

-never have I ever been told by a customer service rep to "stop getting in my feels"

-never have I heard someone undermine their colleague (the gentleman helping me instead of Kidus) by saying that he is new and he does not know what he is doing.

-never have I ever been in a situation in which I had to question whether the customer service rep was being sexist. Now I understand why females are warned about going into a car related shop alone. I wonder if my opinion and "feels" would've been given more value if I was a male.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sounds like Kidus' customer service is as nonexistent as the legitimacy of his name.


You made you're case 100% effective until you loaded it up with that feminist ***

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