Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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This is hard to believe but I swear this is what happened. I went to my local Advanced today to get a battery.

I normally do the install myself but, my battery was DEAD DEAD!!! When I asked the associate to do the install he looked at me like I was crazy!!! Anyway, old battery out, new battery in. When he tightened the clamps, they were not seated down on the posts.

After OVER-TIGHTENING the clamps I grabbed one of the clamps to show him that it was not tight. I explained to him that he needed to loosen the clamps and seat them down onto the posts. He did not say a word. He turned to his cart and grabbed a HAMMER!!!

By the third swing I told him to STOP and that I would just take care of it myself.

With that, he turned around, grabbed his cart and walked inside!!! Did not even install the hold down clamp!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There's a reason these guys make minimum wage....

Go to a real mechanic and pay real mechanic prices if you want real mechanic service.

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