Elmhurst, Illinois

People go to advanced for batteries because of the free intallation advertisement (on most cars). Is there any car that qualifies for this?

They sent my wife out, on a cold night, with a battery under her arm to a car that wouldn't start, refusing installation because it's in a slightly difficult place. They said it would take 45 minutes and their limit is 30. If your car is made so that you can just drop a battery in and go, then installation is not necessary.

Lucky it was my wife instead of me.

Advanced would have taken the battery back and every customer in the store would have been told to be leary of these guys and their false ads. I'm done with advanced and will tell all friends, relatives, customers, neighbors to stay away. I think they take advantage of women.

I'm so irritated that I may stand outside their entrance and warn people to stay away.

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Advance team member here. We had a customer in a late model bmw insist we install her battery.

It was easy to get to. We tried time and again to explain to her it wasn't the labor but the computer that was the problem. Even with the memory saver installed the computer would lock out and have to be reset. She insisted.

We told her again it was not going to run. She still insisted. We installed. She complained her car will now not run.

Yes ma'am here is the number for the tow truck.

100 mile tow and $5000 total later her car runs. Guess you could say a hard bought lesson.


been there and done that


If you send your wife to a parts store to go get it worked on for free you're a ***


I disagree you're the *** maybe he was at work or out of town and could not take it himself. Advance is starting to act like the *** at Auto Zone that's why I will not shop at either of them. You must be one of their sorry *** employees who doesn't want to do their job and makes up *** so you don't have to work.


Not trying to take sides here, and certainly not play "blame the victim", but encourage folks to consider is that some car batteries (like in my 2014 Ford Escape) are buried into the bowels of the engine compartment, turning what used to be "simple battery replacement" into a chore. My recommendation is to be proactive and pick up the phone and call those folks first at the store, and consider any business's advertised so-called "services provided" to be a general statement, with probably a litany of disclaimers in small print.

If you or I were running a business, we would probably have to do the same thing. This morning, I called up Advance Auto Part couple of miles where I live, and they indicated that possible, but they would have to take a look at it, so my expectations were set appropriately at the onset. I took my Jump-And-Carry along. As expected, the folks at Advance Auto Parts too a look at my battery buried far beneath my car's cowling, blocked-in by the air-cleaner chamber, and came up with a back-up plan: go talk to Pep-Boy's across the street and set up something with them.

So I did, bought the battery, in the process of having Pep Boys perform the extraction of my old battery so I can get my core charge back, and drop in the new one. I have previously pulled out my air filter to recharge my K&N, and this sub-task alone sucks, because putting the air filter chamber cover back on is so precise, and there is trick to it, it is like figuring out a puzzle. For folks who do that every day, like mechanics, that is their job. For folks who sell parts of the counter every day, that is a tall order to set those kinds of expectations.

Bottom Line: Don't take any advertised services as being an absolute. Even the local car dealership in town, their own service department turned me down for a simple oil change in my 1972 Corvette, as it is a classic car and they were afraid to touch it, referring me to have a classic car mechanic to work on it. I didn't like it, but respectfully understood. Save yourself hassle and frustration by being proactive at the onset and inquiring, believing nothing about what is advertised, if there is any possibility for a disclaimer.

I an not saying that folks do not have a right to be pissed-off. Fine. I am sure that in a lot of cases, businesses, either a store manager, or {{Redacted}} altogether, screws people. But just wanting to share a perspective here: Cover your *** Everyone has the choice to be proactive, communicate, anticipate and do their own problem-solving on the front-end - of go through the motions blindly, get disappointed, inconvenienced, frustrated, act-out and be a victim trying to do problem-solving on the reactionary back end.

This morning, I personally had a good experience with the Castle Rock Colorado Advance Auto Parts. Who knows, maybe the next time, I won't. But I assume nothing, and honestly, there is a reason for it. Perhaps businesses need to make their disclaimers more known.

Probably their corporate legal team and customer relations team got in a fight with their marketing and sales team, and their marketing and sales team won, therefore, you do not see the disclaimer, it is more implied. So it is more like a bait-and-switch deal, or so it seems. If you want to protect yourself, then call up folks who make beneficiary type claims and interrogate them at the onset, over the phone, before you commit yourself.

You can blame folks all you want, but ultimately, all of us have some ownership to take in how we approach situations and handle them. I went in with no expectations, not letting myself be dependent to rely on anyone else but myself, and today, I got it handled because I did not set myself up to fail on account of exception-processing disclaimers, which like it or not, are a fact of life.


Your all fools some batteries need to have the computer moved so if some kid tries to help and accidentally breaks something because your forcing them to break policy it's on you


Had the same thing happen to me. The last battery I got was from Advance but noem they only do fREE installs if it is eazy to do like my 1989 S-10


I sent my wife to buy a battery from advanced Auto parts in Girard, Pa. because of free installation - she gets there and no free installation.

I must tell you the installation on her 2010 Galant took 15 - 17 minutes, how disappointing. I will think twice about my next purchase there with NAPA just down the street and an O'Reileys opening up across the street from them.

@John M. Mitrision

I purchased a battery from my local Advanced Auto Parts store and they installed it at no charge and I had no problem and I am a female. I first called and asked if they did that since my automobile motor club guy that came out to check and jumpstart my battery told me they did.

They said they did, I went in a few minutes later since they are about 1 1/2 miles from my home and all went well. I did tip the employee who installed it.

I was very satisfied with them, they were polite, professional and helpful. I do live in North Carolina, not PA, not that it should make a difference.

@John M. Mitrision

I’m a woman on a limited budget who does not how to put a battery in a car and the same thing happend to me but luckily I called first. They said that a professional would have to put it in.

That is false advertisement in my book. Very disappointed.


They are the worse in Atlanta


You sent your wife , so your so cheap you can't pay a auto shop to install your battery ? You see the free sign that's all you care about , advance auto isn't a repair shop I don't get why people think it is . So what did you do back in the day when parts stores didn't advertise free installs ?


Install a battery is nothing it's on the window.....smh


You clearly install a lot of batteries on newer vehicles.


No it is not a repair shop. So maybe advance shouldn't say they will put it in free.


I agree. If they don't intend to install a battery when they sell it, they should not be allowed to advertise they will. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT


It says ON MOST VEHICLES. The company policy is to follow what the electronic catalog says for time and location.

The company policy is to install batteries located under the hood that takes 10 minutes or less. They are in the Parts business, not automobile repair.


Then they should say MOST CARS OVER 20 YEARS OLD. There are virtually no cars made in the last 20 years that is a 10 minute job.


It isn't false advertisement as each store does dozens of installs each day on average. Generally the only time I've heard of customers being turned away for a more difficult install is when the store is busy, is short of staff, is handling truck that day, doing ad sets, has to do plan-o-grams that day by a certain time set by the higher ups, or is getting ready for or doing an insurrection or inventory.

Vinegar or Honey? Because it seems you're living a very acidic life.

Perhaps next time, you could spare some time to phone ahead and explain that you need help and you're wondering if they'd help you during off peak hours. Being polite goes a long way.

Besides, you should take the issue up with corporate. Ask them to provide you and everyone else with a list of cars that are included in the *most cars. It isn't the store manager's fault, it isn't the employees fault, so why would you wish them ill? You'd happily risk THEIR livelihood over a temper tantrum?

The very people that likely WANT to help?

You're not looking where you need to look for a resolution. You probably don't even tip.

@Not an employee just a wife an

*Inspection not insurrection, my apologies.