Elmhurst, Illinois

People go to advanced for batteries because of the free intallation advertisement (on most cars). Is there any car that qualifies for this?

They sent my wife out, on a cold night, with a battery under her arm to a car that wouldn't start, refusing installation because it's in a slightly difficult place. They said it would take 45 minutes and their limit is 30. If your car is made so that you can just drop a battery in and go, then installation is not necessary.

Lucky it was my wife instead of me.

Advanced would have taken the battery back and every customer in the store would have been told to be leary of these guys and their false ads. I'm done with advanced and will tell all friends, relatives, customers, neighbors to stay away. I think they take advantage of women.

I'm so irritated that I may stand outside their entrance and warn people to stay away.

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Oh ya I forgot to mention when I got home it took me no more than five *** minutes to change the ***


So I bought the battery online so I could use a coupon code. I showed up 15 minutes before closing and I asked if they could install it.

The lazy *** sucker told me it was to close to closing time. I thought open for business till 8 meant open for business.

Then the son of a *** said they dont install when you buy online. Im pissed

@Me again

Autozone was installing my battery made sure it was the problem go there ...autozone number one

@Me again

So you show up right before they close wanting them to install a battery you bought online? You are a lazy sob.

Do you not have enough brains to install it yourself? Assclown


You sound like an uneducated counter person. I bet you act totally different when your wearing the shoe.


I just left trying to get s free install but was told that they don't do it ughhh!!


They sold me a battery, then said oh no, then the manager said we can't put it in your car because of location. Specifically said that it doesn't cover all cars.

Why don't they just tell you what brands are excluded before you buy or on the website since you need to pick your vehicle anyway.

Fair warning is fair, not afterwards. Boneheads!


You're an ***. First you let your wife buy a battery at night by herself and let her drive a car that would not start.

Also she went to an auto parts retailer not a shop.

You critize people who are trying help.

They are not paid mechanic wages and you probally paid $100 or less for the battery. Next time spend the $300 plus and go to a shop.


You must own a shop, are you a mechanic or the typical modern day parts replacer.


Today I was also refused free installation at advance. I am a senior citizen woman who got an emergency jump start and went to advance solely because of their free installation ad.

My car is a 2002 monte Carlo. They said they couldn't provide installation if they had to move anything. I left with the battery and found a friend to help. What had to be moved was a crossbar by removing two bolts and swinging it out of the way.

Took my friend 15 minutes.

It was a beautiful summer day. Very unhappy customer.

@mrs b

Pay mechanic price and stop complaining..


Common courtesy goes a long way with a customer. She was an elderly lady.

You can refuse to do it respectfully. She was an elderly lady. Show some respect. It's what the world is lacking today.

I have been in sales all my life. I love by the golden rule of sales. The customer is always right. Common courtesy means.

Help someone even when corporate says no.

Or society. Damn just respect the elderly.

@mrs b

Free installation on most cars , learn to read the whole sign not just what you want to see .

@mrs b

Sad call the corporate advance and go to autozone


would help if you said what kind of vehicle, some bmw batteries need to be registered to pcm so it will know if the battery is new or old, what amp hr ratings, it is important because charging system works different, chrysler products in fender wells harder to do especially you get in there and find corroded terminals, rusted hold downs. some vehicle have tendency to stall after battery replacement, most will relearn quickly others may have to have a relearn performed and they are not set up for that. not that a woman can't handle getting a battery replaced just where have all the men gone.


depends on the vehicle if you own a bmw you should bring it to me so i can do the battery so you have to pay to get it fixed you *** not all advance auto stores are like this i,e the one were i live will install a battery in most any vehicle you cant generalize all thing bc of one bad experiance


YES! i am glad Alexis said it.nobody and i mean NOBODY wants to install batteries.

there is a big difference between being an auto-parts sales professional and a tech. all of the free services are designed to sell parts and that's it. they got the employee by the u know what because if you want the job u have to do it. now the computer will say this installation may take 35 to 45 minutes and given that's one we don't do.

i have worked at all the category killer auto-parts store with the exception of the big green O and it was the same at Auto-zone. these companies leave a lot of ambiguity in promotion of these free services because they want you to come Thu the doors then its on the employees to seal the deal.


what kind of car do you drive?.... as a GM of an Advance I find it amusing when somebody gets rip roaring mad when they ask me to install their battery that is located in their wheel well (late 90s sebrings, stratus, breeze)..

under the fuse box (chevy mini-vans) or under their back seat (mid 90's GM).... we can't do those, hence the "Most Vehicles" part.... before you cast the first stone about false advertising, look right there "MOST VEHICLES".... STOP BEING SUCH A *** CHEAPSKATE AND TAKE IT TO A *** MECHANIC!



Well said, my friend. Well said.

I honor you. :cry


That's not to mention customers don't see the side of it when if anything at all goes wrong it's immediately the stores fault and the store is expected to be on the hook for the cost to repair if anything goes wrong, such as blown main fuses or in the event of a no start because the vehicle lost power to the ECM...all because you didn't want to pay a certified mechanic to install it and sent your wife because you expected pity.

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