Elmhurst, Illinois

People go to advanced for batteries because of the free intallation advertisement (on most cars). Is there any car that qualifies for this?

They sent my wife out, on a cold night, with a battery under her arm to a car that wouldn't start, refusing installation because it's in a slightly difficult place. They said it would take 45 minutes and their limit is 30. If your car is made so that you can just drop a battery in and go, then installation is not necessary.

Lucky it was my wife instead of me.

Advanced would have taken the battery back and every customer in the store would have been told to be leary of these guys and their false ads. I'm done with advanced and will tell all friends, relatives, customers, neighbors to stay away. I think they take advantage of women.

I'm so irritated that I may stand outside their entrance and warn people to stay away.

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then go pay to have your battery installed!!! that's why you went to advance to begin with ...

"free battery installation" you did not want to pay $75-$125 to have your battery installed. The install batteries as a convince if they have to spean 45 minutes to an hour installinjg your battery then they cant help the other people in the store. my local store has put batterys in both my cars and never had a problem. Don't be such a cheap ***!!

PS they would have told her that before they sold her the battery so I don't see how its the fault of the store.


Having recently done a price comparison of starting batteries, I've found that Advance Auto Parts has the highest priced batteries on the planet. AAP advertises "FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION!

With purchase only" on a large blue banner in their battery section on their website, but then you have to click on "Learn More" before you find the "for most vehicles, at most locations" text buried in the fine print. I call that bait and switch.

As long as it says that, as far as I'm concerned it means there is no such free battery installation (It's like saying "You may have won a prize", which certainly means you haven't won a prize). With all of the loopholes, this means every prospective battery purchaser should be asking themselves "Why should I pay the highest price on the planet for a battery from AAP that I have to install myself or pay to have installed?" If you want to call somebody cheap, call me cheap, because I bought my last battery from a locally owned parts store and installed it myself (10 minute job), and I saved $40 compared to buying the battery from Advance.

"$75 to $125 to have your battery installed".

LOL! Do you exaggerate as a hobby or do you do it for a living?


Bait and switch is a funny thing to say for what could be solved with a simple phone call ahead of time. As for the whole highest price thing, I do agree that their prices are higher, but the advance stores that I have been to are at least willing to take some of the cost off due to inability to install.

Maybe not as low as your "locally owned parts store" (aka walmart), but something is better than nothing. Also, while your battery may be a drop in and go situation (10 minute job), that does not hold true for every car out there. Ive seen batterys in almost every place imaginable; so if you just assume that some low pay worker is going to throw in your battery into a difficult spot with a smile at any time, every time, then your living in a pretty nice wonderland. I gurantee that you wouldn't throw in a battery every day or two in the dead of winter if its somewhere hard to get to like the wheel well or up against the firewall where a 10 minute job turns into a half hour plus job.

Especially on a day where you can barely see 5 feet in front of you and your fingers feel like they want to fall off after being outside for only a minute or two while the customer stands inside watching from where its warm at and doesnt even bother tipping like it was a privilege or some god given right to have that service done for them (one of my closest friends got stuck doing that unfortunate deed).

So when it comes to times like that, the whole "75-125" dollar seems pretty reasonable when your too *** lazy or dont have the know how to do it yourself considering its a (and this is the part you seem to not be getting) HEATED COMMERCIAL SHOP (meaning their gonna bend you over and make you sqeal like a pig with how much they charge). And if you still dont understand why they charge so *** much then think of it this way: cheap labor is cheap (the product not so much) and professionalized service where the tech isnt freezing off his (or her) goods, you get speedy service, and a guarentee that everything will work better then before is going to charge out the ***.


Bottom line, it's advertised. You don't want to do your job?

Don't work there. All I see is lazy employees of advanced and overpriced mechanics commenting here. It's not hard and its advertised to sell batteries. Just do it and prove you are a step above a Wal-Mart employee.

Oh yea.

I bought a 180 dollar battery.


I'd like to know why he sent his wife in to do a husbands job ? If it was that easy do it yourself !


Why the *** is it the "husbands" job?


Look you cheap f*&K, take your *** to a shop and have them charge you $75/hour shop rate to install it in a nice warm, dry shop. You are same kind of *** that would complain if one of the minimum wage guys broke something on your car while changing the battery for your precious wife.

If your so worried about her change it yourself.

Do you ask the walmart cashiers to take your groceries to your car and load them??? Punk


Why does Advance charge the highest battery prices on the planet and engage in bait and switch regarding battery installation? SEE my other post.

Do you have any idea how many people get a dead battery, get a jump start, then drive to either AAP or Autozone to buy a battery in an emergency situation, and they go there because those stores advertise FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION with purchase.

I just helped out a lady in that situation, gave her a jump start and followed her to the store to be sure she made it there OK, but I couldn't help with installation because I didn't have any tools with me. So she was stuck with depending on the store to install the new battery for her.

You sound like a low level minimum wage clerk, you're certainly not management material.

Ever heard the saying "A clerk is a ***"?


Wal-Mart doesn't advertise they'll load your groceries for you, you don't wanna install a battery. Maybe you should get a job at Wal-Mart. It's crazy you call it lazy that someone is wanting the advertised incentive.


Just because you didn't get exactly what you want doesn't mean it's someone else's fault. Advance Auto is not here so you can blame them for any problems you have with your car.

They aren't mechanics.. they sell parts...

you needed a battery, they sold you one.

They aren't supposed to install batteries when it's dark, if it's raining, and when its snowing it's at their discretion. They aren't allowed to install batteries that have crossbars and vent boxes over the battery, fuse boxes over the battery, battery located in wheel-well, trunk, and/or under seat.


I put batteries in every car except the certain BMW's and chryslers (with the battery in the wheel well). So yeah i can say that almost every car qualifies for this service.

I go through so much *** for my customers, going above and beyond, with no added benefit for myself. So it kind of *** me off to see people whine like this.


Free battery installations are done on most vehicles. It says it very clearly on the add as well as the advertising outside of the store.

Some vehicles require installation by mechanics, for example there is a vehicle that has the battery in the wheel well, another in the back seat, and those that require additional tools for installation, especially BMWs. Advance employees are not allowed to remove tires or any other equipment from the vehicle that could result in an accident or damage to a vehicle. The catalog system warns us about certain vehicles we are not allowed to perform installations on.

It doesn't mean we are lazy or inconsiderate, simply we are not allowed to do it. We are not mechanics.


If your so much of a man, why do you force people making minimum wage out into the harsh elements, just so you can save a few bucks? If your going to complain go pay 200 for the battery at the dealer and another 100 to put it in...

@Not a Jew

Yes!! Finally someone said it!

@Not a Jew

You sir, just laid out a very good argument for why nobody should do any business whatsoever with Advance Auto Parts.

Since Advance Auto Parts only pays their employees minimum wage, which is less than a living wage, and also abuses them even more by expecting them to get their fingers cold, we should all boycott their stores perpetually.

Well done sir!

BTW, I have friend who is service manager at a local GM dealership, he told me the average price they charge for a new starting battery runs about $140, including installation, this varies by model, and is a far cry from your inflated $300 figure.


So...is that how much you ended up spending? Very curious.

Happen to have a picture of that receipt that I know guys like you keep?

Before you go accusing me of being an employee...think again. Disabled housewife with common sense.

From The Consumerist:

What Is The "Bait and Switch" And When Is It Illegal?

By Meg Marco April 11, 2007

We get a lot of people writing us about the “bait and switch.” Often the complaint is shady, but not really “bait and switch.” (I think she's talking about you buddy).

The FTC has some guidelines about what is “bait and switch” advertising and what isn’t. Basically, “bait and switch” deals with a disingenuous advertisement. There needs to be an advertisement for the bait in order for there to be a “bait and switch.” Here are some quick guidelines: • If the seller has the ability to sell you the “bait” but talks you into buying something else. That’s not “bait and switch.” • If the seller runs out of the “bait” but the advertisement specifies limited quantities, that’s not “bait and switch.” • If the seller does not intend to sell you the “bait,” and does any of the following in the course of selling other merchandise, then it’s probably the “bait and switch”: Disparages the bait or its warranty, credit terms, availability of service, repairs or parts.

Employs compensation methods that discourage or penalize sales people for selling the bait. Refuses to take orders for the bait. Refuses to make delivery of the bait within a reasonable time period. Shows you a broken or defective product.

Fails to meet anticipated demand for the bait without disclosing the bait’s limited availability in the ad. Fails to stock all outlets with the bait in the quantity specified in the ad. So, call up the FTC, explain this major story...and wait for them to explain why you're wrong. You're actually breaking the law yourself right now claiming outright that AAP uses bait and switch.

That is LIBEL. Oops.


At my store the only ones we don't change are the newer BMW's and Mercedes. The one that go in through the fender can't be done.

Other than that we change them all.

We at my store have been told to do all for the Customer we can do. So we do.


You know there is a few things I do not understand. 1) We are ADVANCE not advanced. 2) Was it our battery? and if so and YOU sent your wife out with it WHY didn't you change it at home? 3) If you seen "most cars", why didn't you ask when you bought the battery. 4) A cold night huh.. we do not have no place to change the battery in so we are out in the cold doing it

Sounds to me like You bought the battery YOU being the man said I can install this then when YOU couldn't YOU sent your wife out for us to do it because YOU failed.

There is No false advertising Just a false man looking big :cry :cry :cry




You obviously either didn't read the OP's post, or you are reading comprehension challenged. The OP said the car his wife had with her (I would presume she had been driving it and its battery died) WOULDN'T START.

It was obviously an emergency situation. Also the OP didn't say that he sent his wife out to AAP, and he didn't say that he sent her out with a battery either, you just made that part up. For all we know she could have gone to the grocery store, found she had a dead battery, got a jump start, then drove to AAP to buy a new battery, and the OP was stuck at home without a vehicle the entire time. (This is just a possible scenario, but is much more likely than your illogical scenario in the 2nd paragraph).

Do you have any idea how many people get a dead battery, get a jump start, then drive to either AAP or Autozone to buy a battery in an emergency situation, and they go there because those stores, including their corporate website, advertise FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION with purchase.

It is clear that AAP's website is misleading and engages in bait and switch in this regard. SEE my other post.

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